Sasuraal Simar Ka 29th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Prem says I have done this sin i cant force you to live with me. After one month you and i will sign the divorce papers.
Prem says i wanted to kill myself but death would have been an easy penalty for me. The real punishment is that I stay away from simar. this relation shouldn’t be a burden on us. If i stay here i will increase your pain. I have decided that i will leave this house. Everyone is dazed. Sujata comes and slaps prem on face. Sujata says you will leave the house? You have committed a sin, you have done an injustice to your wife. And now you thinking leaving the house will make it better, this way you will punish yourself? you will punish us all and her. Why dont you understand that this is not the solution. simar says to rectify a sin you are doing another one. When a son leaves the house all the happiness of that house leaves as well. if someone will leave this house, it will be me. sujata comes to simar and says what are you saying simar? you can’t leave this house. My son is the culprit. As his mother i beg you pardon him simar. Sujata says this house is as much yours as its prem. This house is incomplete without you. I know that you are hurt, i know you can’t be a normal wife with him after all this. but you have a deeper relation with this house, you are daughter of this house and i am your mom. Think about anjali and sanjina. They need you. for this family pardon my sinner son.

Sid says simar maa is right, i know my brother is wrong, but he doesn’t have a dark heart. The same heart loves you a lot and you know that. Whatever he did was a result of situation’s stress. Simar says i was proud of the purity of this relationship and it has stained now. If jhanvi were at my place would have you asked her the same? Sid is quite. simar says you would have stood with her in this decision, they why should i pretend to carry this relationship.

Rajhinder says mata ji why dont you say something, mata ji says whatever is between should stay between them, we can only show them the right way. They have to decide where they want to take their wedding. if the whole family is relying on the decision then we have a little right on this relationship. That is why prem and simar have time till tomorrow morning to tell me their decision. and that is the time for all of you to save this marriage as well.

late at night everyone tries to convince prem. sattu says you should stay calm. pari says simar wont agree for divorce, prem says i did everything to apologize, she doesn’t want to forgive me. she neither punishing me. this hurts the most,he says i have decided that after pondering, i can’t stay away from her while she is in front of my eyes. I have decided it. Its upto simar now.

No Precap.

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