Qubool Hai 29th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil finally accepts that the girl isnt his jannat, but his own sanam, and thanks him profusely for having taken care of his sanam, when he himself wasnt around. Shaad says that he has seen the passion in his eyes for sanam, but he too loves jannat immensely, but unfortunately, out of both the love stories only one of them can win. Ahil says that love has no defeat or win, as even if you lose in this, you win. Shaad agrees, saying that love isnt to be attained, but to lose oneself. he says that he loves jannat immensely, and his motive in life is to see her happy, and for her happiness, ahil’s presence is paramount, as once the heart accepts someone, it remains like that for a lifetime, and that his sanam is just his, and once she is ready, then he can peacefully leave. ahil says that had this been the case, he would have told her long back, but her physical condition isnt such that she can take it. shaad assures that sanam shall be alright, and puts ahil to rest, saying that he would do anything to unite sanam and ahil. Ahil tells him that he owes him for life, and they both emotionally hug.

Meanwhile, razia tells tanveer’s tortures to her and her family, and how she had sworn that she would never look back but her helplessness brought her back, as she remembers how tanveer used to humiliate and torture her. She turns to shashi and saif, saying that problems embolden the man, and she could have have broken down by the torments, but she rose and became Sir. Juda. she says that her journey has been long, and then talks about how she used sunehri against sanam, but unfortunately, sanam returned and everything went in vain, as she remembers being electrocuted. saif asks how did she survive. She says that she didn, and even had a death certificate issued to her, when she woke up from her bed and walked off. The docyor and the nurse are shocked. razia tells them that the soul stays behind, till life’s motive is complete. she says that her life wanted otherwise, and she started wandering around aimlessly, and thought that her end was actually near, but just then, she overheard people talking about looking for a man to be able to deliver a lethal poison to sir. juda in dubai, in return of a new life. She agrees to do so, and then after delivering, she kills the man and takes his identity, and after that she searched for him and made him tough like steel too. She tells shashi that now she has to avenge it all. Shashi hugs her.

In her room, the new bride is lost in her own evil thoughts, when gazalla and latif come in talking about razia and her evil plots. The new bride gets agitated hearing that, and says that the whole world cant destroy ahil. gazalla asks when her hatred for ahil turned into immense ahil. she says that she doesnt love ahil but his life, as that proves her existence. she says that when a person’s heart doesnt beat on its own, then they dont throw the heart away. gazalla says that they should beat up razia and shashi, but she asks them to be quiet, saying that they belong in their category only, and they should wait for the bigger plan, as they might turn handyy for her one day.

While sanam is asleep, the landline rings and wakes up up with a startle. She comes down to pick it up, wondering where is everyone else. She recieves the call hesitantly and is surprised to find someone singing a nursery rhyme, Jack and Jill to her, and talking mysteriously, while she keeps asking who is he. He says that she shall get this surprise very soon, as he is coming today to her, and in return he shall take a life away, as he shall commit murder today. she is shocked. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: While shashi is shown the pictures of sanam, by razia, she takes a direct aim at the pic, in vengeance. meanwhile, while the handyman comes to fix and repair something, and then suddenly aims the pistol at shaad and ahil, who are shell shocked. Sanam sees them too, and is scared. he finally fires.

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