Swaragini 29th June 2015 Written Episode

Laksh asks Swara not to worry, as no one will force her to do anything against her wish. Swara recalls confessing love infront of Ragini and gets teary eyed. Laksh asks her not to cry, and says he will not marry her without her wish. He says no one will force you and gives her handkerchief. Swara wipes the tears and returns the handkerchief. Laksh asks her to keep it. Swara says if we keeps someone’s handkerchief, then we fight with them. Laksh takes the hanky. Just then he gets Ragini’s call. He asks what you were doing with ward boy. Ragini makes excuses, and asks him to meet her with Swara. Laksh agrees and informs Swara that Ragini wants to meet them in the morning.

Sanskar asks Ragini to be careful. Ragini says she managed everything. Durga Prasad tells Ram that he talked to Swara’s family. Ram asks him to consider once again. Sujata says we shall give a chance to Laksh and talks about Sanskar. Durga Prasad says he can’t forgive Sanskar and you people have to go once he gets well. Sujata asks why he is differentiating between Laksh and Sanskar. Durga Prasad says Laksh apologizes to us. He says Laksh fulfilled the promise, but Sanskar betrayed me and had done whatever he wanted to. There is a difference between two of them, and asks not to start this topic again. He says Swara will become bahu of this house and this is final.

Sujata and Annapurna are at home before going to temple. Sujata tells you might be thinking about Swara and Laksh, and asks her to accept the alliance. She says I am thinking about Marwadi society. She scares her and asks her not to worry. She asks her to go to temple and she will come. Annapurna tells driver that she will go by walk. Sujata calls someone and asks to do something. Annapurna thinks about Durga Prasad’s acceptance for Swara and Laksh’s alliance. Some comes and throws a bucket of fishes on her. Sujata comes and says you did this purposefully. She says this is happening because of Swara. She says let’s go home and take her with her.

Ragini is waiting for Laksh and Swara in the temple. She sees Laksh and Swara coming together. Some mantras is being played in the background, while jealous Ragini looks on. Ragini says she is happy seeing them together, and says Nani can get fine. She says happiness knock on our door in bad time also. Laksh’s papa has accepted Swara as his bahu, and the thing will happen which we want for always. She says our dreams are going to be fulfilled. Swara goes. Laksh asks Ragini not to force Swara to marry him.

Sujata tells Annapurna that she threw her clothes and says fish’s smell is not going to go from you regardless how much Gangajal you sprinkle on yourself. She asks her not to go from temple again, as people might throw fish on her again or taunts her. She says she will talk to Durga prasad about it. She pretends to get a call, and informs Annapurna that sadsan’s head asks us not to come to sadsan. Annapurna asks why? Sujata says because Durga Prasad agreed to get Swara married to Laksh. She calls Swara as fish eater, and emotionally blackmails Annapurna. Annapurna gets in her talks. Durga Prasad comes to room. Annapurna says she was afraid of this thing. She says she has no objection with Swara, but her upbringing and habits are different. Durga Prasad says habits can change. Annapurna gets worried of society and asks him to reconsider his decision. Durga Prasad says his decision is final and Swara will become bahu of this house.

Ragini asks Swara to believe her and asks her to live today. Laksh says it doesn’t matter. Ragini asks did you think that Swara loves you. She says Swara loves you, and asks them to move together. She acts goody and tells it is Swara’s turn now to confess her feelings to Laksh. Laksh is surprised. Swara and Laksh look at each other. Ragini thinks she has to bear this pain to get Laksh.

Utara gets Swara ready as a marwadi bride. Ragini dresses up like Swara and thinks to win Laksh’s love by looking just like Swara.(poor Ragini, she thinks Laksh loves Swara’s superficial beauty).

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