Hello Pratibha 29th June 2015 Written Episode

In the morning Mahens mother says to Mahen that he will leave the house and his mother but Mahen says that he will choose Partibha’s parents at this time as they need him and Prtibha more at the particular time then he leaves the room and Partibha follows and stops him then Mahen says that he is sorry as he was not able to keep his promise then Partibha tries to calm him by saying that she and him are the elders of the house and that they cannot leave the house but Mahen says that what is he supposed t do when his mother is not listening to him and is adamant on what she wants .Mahen says that they will leave the house if only for a short period of time and that he does not want to discuss it with Partibha or his mother .Mahen says that same as Partibha has some responsibilities towards this house he has responsibilities towards Partibha’s parents and he has to fulfil them then Partibha says that who is saying not to fulfil them but to do without hurting anyone then Mahen leaves saying to Partibha to pack the bags and that the will leave .Sunidhi is coming and finds her mother in law standing at the door she asks her about Bubu but she says that she has other duties to do. Then Sunidhi follows her and says what happened she then says that as soon as they came into this house she was not able to sleep well at night then Sunidhi asks her what Partibha has done she then says that she will tell her when she herself understand what is happening. She says that Partibha wants to take care of her parents besides looking after the house and Mahen asked her permission to bring them in the house and when she refused he threatened her that he will leave the house if she did not accepted his proposal. Sunidhi thought that this was a bright idea and if Mahen and Partibha left the house all the property will be theirs.Sunidhi says that she must let Mahen go but her mother in law says that how can she let Mahen go as he is her elder son then she says to Sunidhi to keep quiet and let her think and she thinks of a way in which Partibha can bring her parents in the house and Mahen will also not go but she will be victorious in the end. Meanwhile Partibha’s mother says to her father when he receives a massage that it must be house owner and that they will have to give three months’ rent now then her father calms her and says they will give the rent .He also says that they must not let Mahen get the hands on the bill and they will pay it themselves .Mahen and Partibha are in the room debating as to leave the house or not then Mahens mother comes in the room and says that no one has to leave the house and she will let Partibha bring her parents in the house but on one condition that if she is not able to take care of her parnts and manage the house then she will never meet her parents and will have no relation with them .Meanwhile Sunidhi is teaching bubu a way to get her closer to Sanjeev and when they both are going she hits Sanjeev and tells bubu to tell him to kiss Sunidhi but then Sanjeev falls and Sunidhi gives him his hanker chef then Sanjeev tells bubu to kiss her mother. Mahen and Partibha go to meet her father and Partibha says when will he stop scaring her and he says that he gets amused by scaring her and he says to Mahen to sit but Mahen says that he is okay and how is he at which point he says that he is also okay and then Partibha’s mother says that the doctor wanted to meet him and he goes then she sees the father and Partibha asks what the matter is and he says that it is not right that they come and live in their house as they live in a joint family and have to take care of their family then Partibha says that Mahen and she had a long discussion on the topic and it was the best solution they could find then Partibha says that she is a daughter as well as a daughter in law and she will manage then mahen comes and says that they will take him to their house tomorrow and they will live together..

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