Manmarziyan 29th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nandini bumping into Radhika. She says sorry. Radhika stops her and says she has seen her somewhere, whats her name, is her name Nandini. Nandini smiles and denies it. She says I think you are hurt, shall I drop you to your ward. Radhika says no, maybe I got mistaken, sorry. Nandini leaves. Radhika sees a man calling Nandini and turns to see. She recalls Arjun’s words and thinks Nandini is not my imagination, why did Arjun lie to me, I have to talk to him. She comes out alone. Arjun sees her. Sam asks why are they standing outside, don’t they want to reach Mumbai. Arjun says I want to meet your parents tonight. Sam asks why. He says its better if few things are not told.

Sam says done, lets meet at home tonight, lets leave now. She says some medicines are not here. Neil will organize in Mumbai. She makes Radhika sit. Neil talks to Sam and says home is set and gets to know that Arjun is coming along. Zubin tells him about him and Kritika. Neil asks him not to fall in love, they are good as best friends. Zubin asks why and how. Neil asks him to do anything and forget her. Neil says he will know it when he has to give her hand in anyone else’s hand. He recalls Sam. Aanson me bighaati………….plays……… Zubin looks at him.

Neil says she will be having tears, and you will cry, if she gets hurt, you will feel pain, you will have problem, get away from her, leave work and support, go away. Neil gets teary eyed seeing Sam’s pic. He says let her go with someone else, the pain will get less, you have gone mad to love your best friend. Zubin says she is my best friend, I was saying we were planning to surprise Sam tomorrow. Neil realizes this and starts leaving. Zubin asks where is he going. Neil says if everyone rests, who will work, he has to make campaign, you be here, call me if they ask for me.

Arjun, Sam and Radhika come home. Sam says Radhika needs special medicine after the accident and takes her. She asks her to stand at the gate, she will just come. Sam surprises Radhika showing Mala and Saral. Radhika smiles and hugs Mala. Radhika says I m fine, Arjun Sir saved me. She introduces her to Arjun. She says this is my fiance Saral. Arjun looks on stunned. Saral smiles and greets Arjun. They shake hands. Radhika looks at them.

Mala thanks Arjun for saving Radhika’s life, no one does this in today’s times, her parents gave him good upbringing. Arjun says if my parents were alive, they would have been happy, but they are no more, I m alone in this world and grown up in orphanage. Mala says they would be happy seeing you, come. Arjun says I have much work tonight. Mala asks whats there. Arjun says there is some work, you all come. He says bye Sam, lets meet at night and leaves.

Mala talks to Radhika and says her dad wanted to come and she stopped him. Sam calls Neil and asks him to come. Teri meri dosti……….plays……… He says he has work and ends call by making excuse of not getting her voice. Saral talks to Radhika and asks was she very much hurt. She says she is fine now. He sees the bangle and asks what happened to her hand. She recalls Arjun and says she removed the bangle, so got hurt while wearing it. He asks why did she remove it, when she was hurt at her stomach. She says hospital people removed it during operation. He says what if it got lost, its very costly. Sam asks Radhika to keep bangle in locker before any accident, Saral will have less tension. Saral leaves. Sam asks Mala to relax and have tea. She says she will inform her parents about dinner and goes. Mala gives medicines to Radhika. Radhika asks what if we feel someone is lying, what should we do. Mala says nothing, whats seen is not always right, first be sure of your thing and then think what you feel about it.

Sam invites them and Mala says how can they come, Radhika is unwell and she has to be here to take care of her. Sam says fine, it would be good if you were there, but Radhika needs rest. Radhika recalls Mala’s words and says I have to go there, its imp, I mean we all have to go, Sam did not leave supporting me, how can I leave her. They smile. She thinks whats Arjun is hiding, she will ask him about Nandini in party.

Nandini says she wants to see Samrat on his knees, Sam has 50% ownership of the company, once he marries Sam, he will get the ownership.

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