Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bala telling Ishita about Sarika. She says she will tell Raman. Raman and Mihir come to the orphanage and think it does not make sense that Ashok comes here. They see Ashok adopting a baby and get puzzled. The man says he needs to bring his wife, he can’t give the baby to single parent, this is the law. Ashok says I see, fine, I will do something. He says he will talk to his wife and lawyer, and asks him to do paperwork, he wants just this baby. He leaves. Raman stops him and asks him to answer, what game is he playing with Jhakad and whats this adoption.

Ashok says you are interfering, are you following me Raman, its none of your business, I will snatch everything from you soon. He leaves. Raman says he is not shocked seeing us. We have to find out and goes to talk to the man, saying he wants to adopt the baby. The man gives him form. Raman says he wants to see the filled form of Ashok and asks for any filled form for reference. He gets Ashok’s form and reads it. He thinks whose child is this, the baby name is Rohit Bhalla. Mihir says can we meet kids. The man takes the man. Raman looks there for documents and finds Sarika and Romi’s child. He smiles and thinks its Romi’s child. He thinks this is why Ashok is after this baby.

Ishita asks Bala what to do, shall I tell Raman. Vandu comes and asks what. Bala says she is asking about Adi’s problems. Ishita says you were sleeping, that’s why. Vandu asks Bala to get few items. Ishita says I will get it, you both rest. She thinks to get Sarika soon. Bunty says he does not know more about Sarika and Abhishek leaves him. He says I can’t believe this, Romi made Sarika pregnant and dumped her, so she is hiding, its Romi’s mistake. Raman comes home and asks for Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says she went to Iyers. Raman gives the good news that Sarika gave birth to Romi’s baby, its 1 month baby, she has kept baby for adoption in orphanage. Mrs. Bhalla says its our family baby. Raman says we don’t have proof that they married, Romi denied her. She says its our family heir, Romi is here.

Romi looks on and cries. Raman says its no use now, Sarika will not give baby to us. Romi stops her. She says he became a father. He says baby will not come here, no one will talk to Sarika. She asks why is he saying this. Romi says Sarika want to give the baby, she does not love the baby, I have hurt her a lot in life, I don’t want to complicate her life. Raman asks him to think well. Romi says Ishita would understand me, no one will go there. He leaves crying. Raman says let him be alone, I will talk to him. Abhishek comes and sees Romi’s teary eyed state. He asks where was he, and acts normal.

Romi says I was busy in family. Abhishek says I came to see Vandu’s baby, how is your hand. Romi says I need to get few things and leaves. Abhishek says try to avoid me Romi, you are scared of me as you know my and Sarika’s connection, I got my eyes on you, you will make me reach Sarika. Romi meets Ishita outside and tells everything to her. She is shocked. Abhishek likes the coffee and says I hope no one troubles you now. Mihika laughs. He apologizes to her being rude to her. He asks for a movie. She says she is busy. She says we should realize where is this friendship going, its not easy for me, I want to concentrate on my career, I m not sure, don’t feel bad, I don’t want anything more than friendship. He says I understand, I respect women like that, but we can be friends, thanks, I hope we don’t have awkwardness. He thinks to find Sarika.

Raman talks to Pathak about getting Romi’s baby legal way. Ishita comes and asks why did he tell everyone, mum is so excited, she can go in depression, Sarika will not give the baby. Raman says its Romi’s child. Ishita says Romi is worried for mum. He says Romi’s child will come in this house, Ashok can’t get the baby. Ishita asks him to talk to Romi, he is feeling guilty. He says for the first time, I saw him regretting and getting responsible, I will give him the chance to change.

Raman goes to Romi and explains the feeling to become a father, the baby is his blood, how he can refuse to accept it, he did wrong and so his baby is in orphanage for adoption, he knows Romi is regretting now and we are all with him. He asks him to accept the baby and take responsibility to show he changed, the baby will call him Papa. Romi cries and says he will meet the baby tomorrow. Raman hugs him and gets happy. He says the baby name is Rohit Bhalla. Romi smiles.

Raman says he is adopting the baby and the family wants to meet the baby. The man asks them to meet. Raman asks for Rohit Bhalla. The man says sorry, he is already adopted and they get shocked.

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