Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhruv and Thapki being on the way. They recall each other’s words. She feels cold and he turns the AC airduct. She gets hiccups and says sorry. He asks driver to stop the car. He says we will go home, have some good and come. They stop at a food stall and he asks her to have some snacks. She starts crying and says he is very good, her family got respect back because of him, everyone made fun of her stammering, but today she has known that she is something except her weakness. He says she is special along with her weakness, she is a fighter, brave and unique. He asks her not to change and wipes her tears. He says she looks good when she smiles. He asks her to have food and they eat together.

Their head strike and they say sorry. She says her mum says head should be struck twice. He asks her to smile. She smiles and he says little more. She laughs and he smiles seeing her. Sakshi is angry in office. She says when Dhruv said it will be telecast, then it has to be. Vivek says Thapki has got her insulted. Sakshi says I will not let her be happy, there is someone in Dhruv’s home who will kick her out, as his mum hates the things which gets stuck, she will not bear Thapki. Vivek says does his mum not know. Sakshi says now see how Vasundara makes Thapki leave from this city. They smile.

Dhruv drops Thapki home. Everyone praise Dhruv and Thapki asks did Nimmi buy any new car, she has just seen it. Krishnakant says she gifted it to her son in law. Thapki says gift is dowry, if they are like Diwakar. Aditi says they gave it by love. Krishnakant gets a call and leaves. Aditi teases Thapki about Dhruv and Thapki asks her to stop it. Aditi says she is special and asks her if Dhruv really loves her, what will she do.

Dhruv comes home. He plays music………….. He recalls Thapki and smiles. Tujhko jo paaya…………..plays………. Thapki recalls Aditi’s words and thinks about Thapki. She says no, Dhruv can’t love me, he is my ideal and I respect him a lot, nothing else. Dhruv says whats happening to me, why do I miss Thapki. Poonam hears Mishra and his wife getting fake gold ring for Nimmi’s daughter.

The doctor checks Dhruv and goes. Vasundara says its matter of two days, why is he worried. He calls Thapki and asks her to come home. She asks why. He says he has to talk about project. She says fine, I will come. He says I will wait. Vasundara gives him medicines and smiles, thinking he is finding excuse to call her, it means he likes her.

Vasundara says she has to go orphanage. Bau ji says we will call the kids here. Thapki makes butter milk and goat drinks it. Thapki cries and panics

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