Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 30th June 2015 Written Episode

Nandhani is in the hospital room with Manik and thinks when they were singing .She then holds his hand firmly and tells him that she promises that nothing will happen to him because she is with him then she sees his hand and kisses it and then Nandhani hears the watchman talking and she runs out of the room .The rest of the fab 5 are standing outside and talking as to why the watchman would not let them see Manik. Then suddenly Naviya starts to feel dizzy and is almost about to faint when Cabir and Mukti catch her and when Cabir asks what happened Mukti says nothing and that she probably is tired and they will take her to get rest. Then Nandhani comes out after getting dressed and the nurse catches her and starts asking her question as to who she is and after puzzling him runs out meanwhile Nyonkia is giving instructions to the doctor to not let the media get the news that Manik is admitted in the hospital then when the doctor leaves Harshad greets and asks why she called him she then furiously tells him to shut up and asks what has he done to Manik then he tells her that he does not know what happened to Manik but he was not part of it and further tells that Manik is here because of Nandhani and then Nandhani in disguise passes by them and after hiding behind the wall hear everything that Harshad and Nyonika talk about and when they leave she comes out and thinks what might Harshad’s plan be. Then Cabir and Nandhani are travelling and Cabir sees Nandhani crying and when he asks she lies saying it is because of dirt and Cabir tells that it is fine then Nandhani says that Manik is all alone in the hospital and if she was admitted then he would stay with her all the time. Then Cabir tells her it because no one is worried for him or any other boy as to if they would come home but she is lucky to have her aunt and uncle who are worried for her and care for her.Nandhani then says to Cabir then when Manik wakes up he will call her first and she would know then Cabir tells the driver to get into a street and drops off Nandhani and she tells him that whenever Manik would come he would touch her on the shoulder and she would get nervous and tell him to stop being worried that her uncle might hear them and she starts crying saying that she misses Manik and suddenly her aunt comes and tells them to come in and Cabir tells her that he is getting and has to go home then her aunt hugs her and tells her to cry and when Nandhani asks if she knew about her and Manik then she says yes .Nandhani in the morning goes to the hospital and starts talking to Manik and also places some white flowers in a Vass. And then she remembers the moments spent with Manik and then holds his hand and says that she does not know what Harshad is planning and when she is about to leave then she remembers something and .then Aryaman comes and asks if the seat is taken and when Nandhani asks why he says to take it home then Mukti says that Harshad has sent him but Aryaman says that he pushed him and look as to how he is staring. Then the principal says some things about a new talent hunt and the principal says that to meet the two times winner the fab 5 and then Cabir says that nothing is exciting when the fab 5 is incomplete.

Recap Aryaman is talking to Harshad to take revenge for his sister Sohas from Manik

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