Sadda Haq 1st July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Whole team complains about sanyu to ranawat. Sahil says make anyone captain but sanyu. PArth says yes sir please reconsider. Vid says she stood their like a selfish board member. ranawat says now you would tell me what is right? Now go, you have a lot o work to do. They turn back and see sanyu standing on the door.

Randhir is working on the car, he says sorry sanyu i love you but i can’t be insulted in front of the team i did all this for. sanyu sees in him the ground and says randhir? he stops. sanyu says i asked you not to do this. randhir is scared? she says you were going to smoke? he says no i was just walking. He takes her with him.

Scene 2
Next morning, sanyu comes to home. She says papa.. agarwal says you have one option, shares or sponsorship. now think about it. ankit says you are lucky papa is giving you this money, its not sponsorship its charity, be grateful that at least you are getting this. you can buy your dream team mission from this money, they cant do anything. sanyu says i need time to think. Ankit say you think you have such option, I wont let you stay in the company so better take this money and give to your team.

Sanyu comes back to college, she is upset. randhir says were you missing me? i would come to your room, conceal me in your closet. he says i have no value, sanyu hugs him. Sanyu and randhir are in canteen, Randhir says this is a sensible option. sanyu says both are important for me, how can i choose one. randhir says drink your tea. He says look its coffee. He says life is like this, you get coffee when you want tea. sanyu says i dont wanna do something that i regret later.
sanyu comes to library. Parth ignores her. sanyu recalls how they used to work together. she comes back to her room. sanyu goes to lab, she sees th team working there. they all ignore her. sanyu shows them the cheque, they all cheer and are glad.

Sanyu goes to ranawat’s cabin and says may i come in? he doesn’t respond, he says congratulations finally you got the sponsorship everyone must be happy. Sanyu says yes everyone is glad. ranawat says what about you? She says i am happy. He says i hope what you think is good for, actually is. Take your decision yourself. Dont get influenced by others, sanyu leaves.

Sanyu comes to room, vidushi is normal with her. She gets a call from ankit, she says i have decided i want sponsorship, i will transfer my funds. ankit says you have take good decision, you couldn’t handle the company, now stay in your team. make your stupid car, it might teach you driving you would become driver after college.
sanyu is working in the lab and recalls what ankit said.
randhir comes in and says so here you are? the machine is about to fall on her feet, randhir holds her and says where is your concentration? They come close yoyo comes in and says sorry i came here to take spanner.
Parth sees vidushi crying in a corner, he says what happeneD? she says nothing. he says tell, me, there is a red mark on her cheek. he says who did this? SHe says namit.

Precap-ankit says to sanyu now sign the papers,randhir comes later and fights with sanyu. he says you are like this selfish girls. she says i dont know, leave i dont need anyone.

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