Kumkum Bhagya 1st July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya, you are doubting me fuggi. Pragya says she didn’t doubt on him and says no one cares for Bulbul’s sangeet. Abhi says they are not coming out of room as they are doing rehearsals. Tanu tells Pragya that Abhi got angry with me because of you. Nikhil thinks Tanu gave her a cheque and thinks she is taking his advantage. He thinks I am waiting for your mum and dad. You have to come back to me, leaving Abhi once your parents come. Bulbul knocks on the door and asks Purab to come out of washroom else he has to attend sangeet alone. Purab says I will attend the sangeet without getting ready. Bulbul says groom shouldn’t look good to keep the girls away from him. Purab argues.

Aaliya comes and asks them to go to separate rooms to get ready. Tanu comes and asks Aaliya, you didn’t get ready. Aaliya says yes. Tanu says she isn’t interested in sangeet. She looks at Bulbul’s dress and tells Aaliya that they shall cut her dress to make her fall down. Aaliya takes the dress and says she is happy with their marriage. She asks her not to create any drama else she will throw her out of the house. She asks her to change for good. Tanu looks angrily. Dasi tells Sarla that you are coming like guest. Sarla asks her to complain with Beeji, as she came late.

Pragya asks Abhi not to ignore her. Abhi smiles. He sees Nikhil coming and tells him that someone might think him wrong if sees him with a girl. Nikhil says don’t worry, I will be with the right girl. Pragya apologizes to Abhi and says I said sorry naa. Abhi says when did you say? Pragya says atleast I felt it. Abhi says I am in a different mood and will not forgive you easily. Pragya asks what? He asks her to compete with him. Pragya hesitantly agrees after Abhi assures her that he will do the thing first. Pragya asks are you ready to forgive me. She asks what I have to do in the competition. Abhi stares her and asks her to eat rasgulla fast.

Aaliya welcomes the guests and says there is Purab and Bulbul’s sangeet function today. She says Dadi will give first performance with Indu Dasi. Tanu’s mum and dad come there. Tanu’s mum says whenever we come, we see party going on here. Nikhil looks at them and thinks soon he will marry Tanu. Dadi and Dasi perform on the left right chain churade………Everyone claps for their superb performance. Abhi makes Dadi sit. Tanu’s mum greets Pragya. Abhi and Pragya are shocked.

Tanu comes and sees her parents. Dadi asks Tanu parents, who are they? Tanu’s mum asks Dadi to ask Abhi. Pragya says they are producers. Tanu says they are my parents. Dadi says she didn’t know. Tanu’s mum says she came as her daughter is in trouble. Tanu tells that they are telling about the fire accident in her flat. Dadi asks them to attend the sangeet function. Tanu’s parents agree. Tanu’s dad says he has to talk to Abhi. Dadi asks them to judge the dance function. Abhi tells Tanu that you might have called them here. Tanu says she didn’t call and asks him to do something. Pragya asks them to calm down, and asks to distract Tanu’s parents from talking to Dadi and others. Abhi asks Tanu to learn problem solving skills from Pragya.

Aaliya says her dadi is the best and says pressure will be to Mitali to perform well. She invites Mitali on stage to give her performance. Mitali dances on the song Nach Karenge Bachle Ve……….Tanu’s mum tries talking to Dadi about Abhi and Tanu. Abhi tries to distract her and tells that Tanu and Mannu was a good film. Dadi didn’t hear because of loud music. Tanu thinks to do something to hide her pregnancy secret from her parents, else she will lose Abhi.

Tanu tells her parents that she is not second woman in Abhi’s life, but Pragya is second woman. She tells Abhi never loved Pragya and Pragya can never get Pregnant. She says she is pregnant instead. Her parents get shocked. Nikhil hears them silently.

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