Warrior High 1st July 2015 Written Episode

Veebha was sitting in the staff room when Utkarsh came telling him the hard course and as he is not good in English he wants her to help her in English. Veebha says that she will give you extra classes from tomorrow. Utkarsh asks her if they could start from today, Veebha thinks in her mind that as she is unable to go home today it would be better if she helps him. Utkarsh says to have the extra class in the library. Krissan was listening the conversation. Veebha agrees to take the class in the library keep Parth in her mind. Utkarsh leaves saying that he will be in the library after an hour. Krissan plans to be a part of it too.
Siali and Nitti were in the girl’s bathroom waiting for Angela. Angela enters having a bag in her hand, she gave it to Siali and insists her to wear it. Siali went in to wear it but shockingly asked Angela to wear it, Siali tell her that she is not used to wear such dresses but Angela forced her. Siali came out wearing high heels and a short red top. Siali was feeling ashamed but Nitti tells her that she is loking beautiful and hot in it. Angela gives her a makeup kit and instructs her how to apply it on her face.
Veebha came in the library asking Utkarsh where to start, Krissan also came in asking Veebha that she also want to join. Utkarsh gets worried and was confused that what he should do now. Veebha after teaching them some topics tells them that it is enough for today and they should go to their dooms know but Utkarsh insists her to teach more as he does not to fail. Veebha tells them that she is surprised to see that you are too concerned to your studies, Krissan thinks that she must stay in order to know what Utkarsh is up too.
Siali was standing in the corridor wearing the dress Angela gave her, Siali was nervous and was thinking why Angela is doing this. Siali saw Rishab sir and was finding a place to hide when Sid took her from there. Siali asked that what he is doing here Sid replies that he is saving you like always. Then Sid notice Siali wearing the dress, he was shocked and tells her that she looking hot in it. Siali in an annoyed tone tells him that you always like girls in these dresses and that she is not those type of girls how want to wear such dresses. Sid takes her to a corner and put his hands around her saying he likes her because she is not from those girls. Siali heard Angela calling her name, Siali escapes from his hand.
Veebha tells Utkarsh and Krteissan to complete the exercise as she come back, Veebha leaves. Utkarsh asks Krissan why is she here. She asks Utkarsh why is he here. Utkarsh tells her to give Veebha her birthday surprise, Veebha came and asked Utkarsh if there is any problem, Utkarsh replies saying that he drunk a lot of water before coming so he wants to go to the bathroom, Krissan also asked her that she could also go to the bathroom. Veebha let them both go. When Utkarsh and Krissan came out they saw Angela, Nitti and Siali standing outside in those dresses. Utkarsh tells her that she is looking good in it but it is too short, Nitti in a bad mood asked Utkarsh that what is Krissan doing here, Utkash tells him that he does not it too. Krissan with a bitty mood asked Utkarsh that why Angela is here. Utkarsh gets furious and tells them to stop fighting, Utkarsh was worried that where is Parth. Parth came in having a cake in his hand and tells them to go as it is too late.
They all came in wishing her a happy birthday but Veebha got furious and scolds them on their act. She also scold Siali and tells them to go to their doom, but then Veebha’s grandmother came in wishing her a happy birthday. Veebha was surprised and asked whose plan was it, she speaks that it was Parth’s idea and she would not have make it here without him. Veebha’s grandmother then tells them to blow the candles. They all were celebrating and eating the cake while Krissan was very angry of Angela’s presence there with Utkarsh. Siali notice Sid standing by the window asking her to have a piece of cake.
Krissan came in the girl’s doom and starts finding Angela’s diary. This time Krissan finds it and read it all and then said to herself that is this true about Angela.

PRECAP: Parth was injured and was bleeding when Veebha tells him that she love him. Sid also expresses his feeling with Siali.

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