Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sandhay defending Emily and clearing Chavi’s doubt. Bharat calls her again and again and fears the mission will come if Sandhya does not come soon. Sandhya tells Bhabho that she knows Emily, she can never do this, its one sided love from Zakir’s side, Mohit has made false blames on her. She says when Chavi realized she likes Zakir, she did not know before, he realized he has feelings for Emily, he was honest and told me, he did not wish everyone to know this and took promise from me that I won’t tell anyone, I did not wish to tell this as of now, I did not know this matter will come out like this.

Emily cries. Bhabho says Zakir is outsider, but Emily is like her daughter, she made Mohit leave home, it means Mohit was saying true, she has snatched Chavi’s happiness too, she has ruined my family. She asks Emily to leave from her home and ends ties with her. Everyone is shocked. Bharat calls Zakir and says he does not know about Sandhya, she is not taking my call, Himanshu Dubey will be here anytime, find out. Zakir thinks how to go back there after all this, and tells him that he will find out.

Bhabho drags Emily out. Sandhya stops her and says its injustice with Emily, I will not let this happen, you regarded her daughter and said you will give her daughter’s place, how did Chavi’s tears make this relation weak. She asks Chavi to think if Zakir loved Emily since beginning, why would he tell them that he will marry her, they did not pressurize him to say yes, he realized it late, if he failed to give you love after marriage, what would happen. Sandhya hears her phone ring and sees the time. She runs from there and checks her phone. She sees 20 missed calls and thinks she forgot to go there, Himanshu would have come there.

Bharat changes his look and opens the door. He sees Himanshu and greets him. He welcomes him. Himanshu says you might be Shantanu Das, Sagarika’s dad. Shantanu says he won his heart by his values. Himanshu says he got this values by his mum and comes inside. He looks around. Bharat thinks he is very clever and sees everything by doubt, now I have to fail him in his game.

Bharat talks in Bengali. Sandhya is on the way and asks driver to take by short way. The driver says the route is blocked by some accident and takes her other way. She thinks she is very late, she has to get ready as Sagarika, maybe Himanshu reached there. Bharat asks Himanshu about his family. Himanshu asks about Sagarika, his mum said she likes music. Shantanu says she likes it a lot. Himanshu says even I like it, I would like to hear her voice, where is she. Bharat sees the time and gets tensed.

Sandhya is on the way and worries. Bharat says he will play music for him. Himanshu says no, I will leave. Shantanu asks why, without meting Sagarika. Himanshu says Sagarika would be here if she wanted to meet me, maybe she is not ready for this proposal, I did not feel bad, I m against marriage without the girl’s wish, I will leave. Bharat thinks all the hard work got waste, because of Sandhya. Sandhya comes there as Sagarika and says she is here.

Himanshu sees her and stops. She looks stunning in her Bengali attire. Sooraj asks Bhabho why is she doing this. He says he has never seen her doing injustice with anyone. He reminds how Emily loves them, and did not leave them when Mohit left her, how can she think bad about them. Zakir comes to them and asks about Sandhya. He says she did not reach office till now. Sooraj says she has left. Zakir says fine, I will leave. Emily stops Zakir. She goes to him and slaps him. Everyone get shocked.

She asks how dare he think this about her, what did she do that he had feelings for her, who gave him right to think about her, he has broken Chavi’s dreams and also ruined the family’s trust on her, she is feeling a culprit when she did not do anything, why did he do this. She cries and sits down. Zakir looks at everyone and goes to Bhabho. He says Emily is not responsible, I know this did not happen right, I agree but Emily did not know anything, I realized my feelings late, I did not wish to hurt anyone’s heart, I regard you all my family.

Bhabho says no need to regard us family, its my mistake to trust you as my son, I should get punished, so I got it. Zakir says if I did not say no, it would be wrong with everyone. He says he has broken Chavi’s heart, if he married her, would she stay happy with him. Zakir asks her to forgive him. He asks for her second daughter emily’s hand. Everyone get shocked. Sandhya says sorry dad, I went out without asking you, I went to govt office and work did not get done. He asks her to meet Himanshu. Himanshu checks her bag. Bharat thinks did he doubt on us. They get worried.

Himanshu says he has seen her somewhere. She says 10 years ago, in some marriage. He says no, I did not go in marriage and asks did she go police station before. She gets stunned.

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