Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd July 2015 Written Episode

Kokila sees Meera standing outside gate and listening to their conversation and loudly says hot pakoras and snacks taste really good during rainy season. She slowly asks family to help her in her drama and not react. She loudly tells Jigar that he likes aloo pakoras and Vidya likes pudina dhaniya chutney. Meera hears that and thinks they are too selfish. Kokila says she is feeling very sad, but she has to do this to teach Meera a lesson and mend her. She loudly asks Pari to stop eating all methi pakoras and give it to her also. Meera murmurs that Daadi thinks she cannot live without them and bend, but she will prove that she will breakdown but not bend.

Goons see Meera and start misbehaving with them. She says she is from Modi family daughter and if her papa and brothers will see them, they will not spare them. Goons continue their misbehavior. Meera shouts dad…daadi. Kokila with whole family rushes out and saves her from goons. Ahem and Tolu/molu beat goons and Kokila gets them arrested. Gopi says they have to be taught a lesson.

Vidya tells Meera that this is called family. Kokila says even now she will not force he and she can come in if she wants, but has to obey her. Meera silently walks in and everyone get happy. Floor gets dirty with Meera’s dirty feets and body. Kokila stops her and says she has to clean floor after cleaning herself. Meera is shocked and goes in to bring water cleaning cloth. Gopi asks what will she do now. Kokila says they have to think Meera as a 5-year-old child and teach her manners. Meera comes back and mops floor. Molu taunts that some dirt is left. She cleans even that. Kokila asks her to clean herself now and come back as she needs to talk to her and Vidya.

Kinjal calls inspector and asks him to arrest Urmila as she stole her jewelry. Urmila says she did not. Inspector asks if she is her saas. Kinjal says yes and asks him to search whole house. Urmila panics.

Meeera comes back after cleaning herself and changing dress. Kokila says from today Meera will run this house and do all household chores. Meera says she has never done that. Kokila tells Ahem that she is sad to hear that he did not teach anything to his daughter. She says Meera and Vidya will take care of house now and tells all the chores they should do. Vidya says she will learn everything if she teaches her.

Inspector searches whole house and leaves saying he did not find anything. Kinjal starts shouting at Urmila that she is a thief and build her chawl by borrowing money from Rashi. Dhaval enters with Pappu and warns her not to trouble Urmila, else he will kick her out of house.

Meera tells Kokila that she is a modern woman and will not have to do household chores and it is illerate lady’s duty, pointing at Gopi.

Precap: Kokila says Meera that she educated illiterate gopi and made her so much competent that she can teach anyone now.

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