Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 2nd July 2015 Written Episode

Nandhani is sitting in the hall way thinking about what Aryaman said that he will take revenge of his sister from Manik then suddenly Mukti comes and snatches her mobile from Nandhani’s hands and said why has not been she receiving her calls then Nandhani says sorry to her as she did not know as she was in the hospital. She asked what happened and after a while said that Nandhani is worried because of Manik then she says that nothing will happen and everything will be alright then she says why Nandhani is not saying anything and is that the talking is not only for her she also says to Nandhani to quickly come with her as they have a lot of things to do before the rehearsal. Then Nandhani says that how can she speak when Mukti is not letting her then Mukti say to Nandhani to come with her. Then she sees someone and tells Nandhani to wait and goes after him and asks him why he fired his worker without saying anything then he in confusion asks who and Mukti says that Cabir then he says that he does not want to talk about it and when Mukti pressurizes him he says that they do not hire Gays as his radio station is a respective place. Then Nandhani is outside the music room and sees Aryaman planning about as to how to take revenge from Manik then Nandhani plans and makes a fake call to Manik to trick Aryaman . then Dhruv is in the library and he places a book on the shelf and the books accidently fall Aaliya and he says sorry then suddenly Harshad comes and angrily asks Dhruv what was going on and he nothing and then walks away then Harshad asks what she was doing and she says what then he says that he is not a kid then Aaliya sasy why he thinks she is not good for anyone then He says she is good enough for anyone .Aryaman is in the music room and while searching for Manik goes into the recording room and as he goes into the room Nandhani closes the door and begins questioning and says that she knows that he is Sohas brother and she will do anything to keep him away from Manik then she leaves. Harshad plans to make fun of Naviya but she does not fall into his trap and backs off to bring her mobile meanwhile Nyonika falls off and Harshad catches her and when she bursts on him then he says that it was an accident. Then Naviya receives a call from the hospital and leaves suddenly Naviya comes and questions Harshad who leaves. Nyonika is facing press and refuses to answer what happened to Manik but she says them to ask Dhruv then she says to Dhruv that it was because of them but Dhruv say that they did not inform anyone and goes inside.
Dhruv is sitting with Manik telling him about what happened in the hospital when someone says to Dhruv that he is back he turns back and it is Nandhani but he does not recognize her until she takes off her disguise. Then she says that what his friends s making her do and then Dhruv says that they must spent time together and leaves and they are talking when Nyonika comes and tells her that she can do anything and when guards are taking Manik away then Manik opens his eyes and calls only Nandhani Nandhani

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