Warrior High 2nd July 2015 Written Episode

Nitti helped Veebha’s Grandmother to walk out holding her hand. Veebha’s Grandmother was talking to Nitti about the school then she asked who is that boy who made you upset. Nitti was shocked to hear that and asked grandmother who she knows that she is tensed because of a boy. Grandmother told her not to worry as things like this happen in such age. Nitti tells her that she is upset because the man she likes is not ready to accept her in front of the world. Grandmother insures her saying that don’t you worry if that man likes you one day he will accept you in front of everyone. Then Veebha came saying that you must go home, Veebha and Parth went to see off them. Siali said that you must go to your dooms she will come after switching of the lights.
Siali was opening the door when Sid hurriedly came and took her in the library. Sid asked Siali about his piece of cake but she said that none is left they ate it all, Sid disappointedly asked her that she hasn’t kept one piece for her. Siali asked that he is here to ask the piece of cake, Siali told her that she must not stay here but Sid refused to let her go today.
Parth and Veebha were walking outside, Veebha said to him that she is very thankful of you that he arranged such a beautiful gift on her birthday calling her grandmother but also told him that it was a risk. Suddenly some people on the bike came and started misbehaving with Veebha, one touched Veebha on which Parth get furious and started beating them but one of them took a rod out of his bike and hit Parth with it. They again started molesting Veebha, Parht for Veebha and chased them away. Parth was bleeding and fell down Veebha hold him in her hands. Parht told Veebha in his unconsciousness said her that he loves him. Veebha saw some fireflies and remembered what Manik said to her and then she also confessed her love for him.
Siali asked Sid to leave her, Sid said him why she ran every time he tries to get near her. He asked her to look in his eyes and see his love. Siali tells him that she does not belive in love as her parents left her, she lived her entire life as an orphan. Sid tells her that she really loves her, he does not know if he could prove that but he does love her.
Parth while getting ready in the morning think about Veebha, Utkarsh thinks about Angela saying him Aliya Bhutt and Sid thinking about Siali. They all left for the classes
While all the girls were getting ready for classes Angela was sleeping. Krissan asked Siali that isn’t it the time for classes then why is she still asleep, when Kamini ma’am will come she will blow up her mind. Another girl was saying to Praimna that Angela will blow Kamini ma’am mind haven’t you seen her at her first day. Praimna wakes Angela up telling her that it is class time. Angela called her Siali and told her that she is can’t come to the class as she is not feeling well. Siali tells her that she has to come as taking a holiday is against the rules. Krissan appreciates Siali. Utkarsh came hiding behind the door in order to see Angela, Siali and Nitti came asking him the reason of standing her. He asked them that where is Angela? as he has not seen him since morning. Utkarsh tells them to leaves for the class but stayed there giving them the excuse of untie laces. Krissan notice Utkarsh sitting there tying his laces but she left. Utkarsh came to Angela when everybody else left the room, he came and asked her to come. Angela gets off her bad to come with him. Angela slipped but utkarsh grasped her, Utkarsh apologizes her for touching her. He left her then. Angela went to the Bathroom to get ready, she opened the tap but suddenly faints.

PRECAP: Utkarsh shouts at Krissan that why she dragged him out. Krissan ask him not to touch her. She speakes that that she didn’t wanted to tell this but.

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