Kumkum Bhagya 2nd July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nikhil coming to meet Tanu in her room. Tanu asks him to get lost. Nikhil asks her to introduce to her parents. Tanu refuses. Nikhil threatens to tell the secret to her parents. Tanu says I will see you. Nikhil says I want you to see me only…….Tanu’s mum tries to talk to Dadi. Pragya tries to divert her and asks her to eat snacks. Tanu’s dad tries to speak, Abhi tries to make him eat snacks to divert his attention. Tanu’s dad says they had enough in the flight. Dadi asks pragya to have something. Pragya says she will eat later. Tanu’s mum asks if she has any problem. Dadi tells them that Pragya is pregnant. Tanu’s mum asks is she really pregnant? Dasi asks if anyone acts to get pregnant? Tanu’s mum asks she is pregnant with whose child. Dadi and Dasi think that Tanu’s parents are mad. Abhi says since she got married to me, she is pregnant with my child. He asks everyone to come and dance. Tanu’s parents feel bad. Nikhil thinks his plan is getting successful and no one can stop him now. Aaliya announces her performance. Purab is happy. Bulbul teases him. Purab says he is encouraging his friend else she will feel bad. Aaliya performs on the song Jhalla…..Mera Aashiq……. Purab dances as well.

Bulbul tells Purab that she danced well. Purab says he taught her salsa. Pragya tells Abhi that she will do something. She says she will tell the truth to them. Abhi says Tanu’s parents will talk to Dadi then. Pragya says they will explain to them and asks to wait. Abhi says we have to convince Tanu to take her parents from here and then we will think what to do. He asks her to learn from him, how to solve problem. Pragya says she will learn later. Bulbul comes and says Aaliya called for Abhi’s name as he has to performance. Abhi says he will perform at the last. Pragya says we can’t go now. She tries to stop her from taking Abhi. Abhi asks them to stop and asks to decide where he have to go. Bulbul takes Abhi with her. Abhi tells the guests that he has to right to shout and asks to start the music. He dances on the song Aadat Se Majbur…………..Everyone enjoys his performance. Tanu’s mum tells Tanu that they came to know about her relation. Tanu thinks they might know about Nikhil. Tanu’s mum says you said that Abhi has no relation with his wife. Tanu says they don’t stay as husband and wife. Tanu’s mum says we came to know that Abhi’s wife is pregnant.

Tanu’s dad asks if Abhi is not having any relation with his wife, then how did she got pregnant. Abhi is performing on the stage. Tanu tells her parents that there is a misunderstanding. Tanu’s dad says why you are so obsessed with Abhi, just forget him. He says Abhi is fooling you, and have relation with his wife. He says we will search for a good alliance for you. Tanu says Pragya is not pregnant, but is just acting. Mum says why she will act? She asks her to pack her bags as she is coming with us. Dad says she is replying to us. Mum says her life is getting spoiled. Tanu says her life is not spoiled. Dad says you will become second woman in Abhi’s life after Abhi’s baby is born. Tanu says she is not second woman in his life and says Pragya is not pregnant, but she is pregnant instead. Nikhil hears them. Tanu’s parents are shocked.

Mum says it is enough and asks who is the father of this baby. Tanu says he is Abhi. Nikhil looks on angrily. Dad tries to slap her. Mum stops him. Tanu apologizes to them and asks to keep it a secret for time being. She says Pragya also knows about her pregnancy and that’s why brought her here. Mum says why she is doing this? Tanu tells about Pragya’s decision. A flashback is shown. Dad says he will not accept until he talks to pragya. Tanu says she will bring Pragya. Dad says I don’t believe you. Tanu says okay, come with me. She takes them to Pragya. Nikhil looks on.

Tanu’s Dad says why Abhi is having problem with the engagement when Pragya has no objection. Tanu says we shall get engage Abhi. Abhi gets shocked. Later on Abhi looks on Pragya as the song Bol Halke Halke plays on which Purab and Bulbul are performing.

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