Reporters 2nd July 2015 Written Episode

Kabeer continues interviewing Nalini and telling her that she misjudged Shekar and hates her wrongly. She gets angry and asks him to wrap up interview. He asks her to wait for 2 min as someone wants to confess. He goes and brings paralyzed Shekhar on chair. Nalini is shocked to see him. Kabeer says she knows he did not return, but did not know he met with an accident and paralyzes, so he did not want to become a burden on her and stop her succeeding in life. Nalini starts crying. Kabeer takes a short break and asks audiences to wait for further confessions. He restarts interview after a break and happy Nalini looks at Shekhar and say she came here to celebrate success of her previous novel but got an idea for her new novel. She will write a successful love story and it’s title would be “pyar, kuch to hai.” Kabeer ends interview with a positive note and everyone clapping for him.

Ananya runs from her place. Ronnie sees her and runs behind her. He stops her and asks where is she going. She says she is leaving this channel as she hurt her bestfriend and is lost in life. He forgives her and hugs her. Kabeer passes by and gets jealous seeing them hugging. Ronnie says just like Nalini’s story there must be something more to Kabeer’s story and she is misunderstanding him. She says she is not.

Khalid comes with Malvika into Kabeer’s room and praises his interview, asks how did he do this. He says love changes everything and is powerful. He gives Ananya’s resignation letter. Malvika smiles and says it is better for Ananya and they should let their employees succeed in life. Khalid says he senses something else and leaves from cabin. Kabeer sits on his chair and Malvika smiles, but he ignores her.

Malvika addresses staff and tells 2 people are leaving their channel for a better life, one Trisha who is getting married and Ananya who got a better job. Richa and Trisha are shocked to hear that. Once Malvika leaves, Richa asks Trisha where is Ananya and how can she take such a drastic decision. Trisha says Ronnie went behind her and will know the reason. Richa says she will go behind them. Trisha says she will finish her pending work and join her.

Manav comes to Malvika’s room and tells he knows she is behing Ananya’s resignation. She denies. He says he knows her since 8 years.

Trisha goes to Kabeer’s cabin and he asks why did not she stop her friend. She says Ananya is very egoistic and will not stop. She requests him for a coffee and he agrees. While sipping coffee, she directly asks if he is an womanizer. He says nobody questioned her like this and asks her the reason. She says Ananya loves him and is leaving job because of her. He says she loves ronnie. She says Ronnie loves Ananya and she loves Kabeer. They are just friend and shows him Ananya’s letter for Ronnie. He scolds her that he would have dismissed her even if she had not resigned and asks her to go from his cabin. She goes to her desk and thinks Kabeer does not know to scold at all and should accept his love for Ananya. Kabeer reads Ananya’s letter or Ronnie.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap.

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