Sadda Haq 3rd July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Randhir says you cleared all my doubts, sanyu says get lost i dont need anybody. she throws stuff in anger.
Sanyu is sitting in her room, randhir is frustrated in his. They try to sleep but they can’t. The song ‘mitraa’ plays in background. Sanyu comes and sits in the ground. randhir comes and sits on the adjacent bench. Randhir comes and stands near but leaves without saying anything.

Scene 2
Next morning, sanyu is working on the machine, The wheel is about to fall on her, ranaawat comes and saves her. Ranawat says a good captain doesn’t make a good team, the whole team has to be good. A good captain forces his team to work, directs them. They have to work as well. you are a captain who would shed guilty tears, or do you want to control them. In our society people think women can’t be leaders, this all not their cup of tea. Prove them wrong, take the charge and be the captain.

Vid comes to room and says look a business woman in my room. Sanyu says turn off the lights. Vid says our captain is so useless that we have to do the work all night. sanyu says then do the work. You have to help the team equally. Stop reading magazines and read these notes. You are equally responsible for bringing the sponsors. Vid reads those notes.
sanyu orders in canteen, randhir says take my order first. randhir says be quick i am really hungry. Sanyu takes water, Randhir starts eating his food. He starts coughing, sanyu gives him water, he shoves her and then picks her up. He says you okay? She says leave me.

Sanyu is in meeting. she says i want to discuss something really serious. Ankit is heading the meeting as agarwal is absent. Sanyu starts givin them their idea, members are impressed. they say we are ready to fund your team. sanyu says thanks. They all leave. Anit says you think you are really clever? sanyu says 80% board members are with me on this, papa wasn’t her but you were. But you couldn’t stop them, maybe you need to work on your communication skills. He says give me the file, she shoves him and says i am doing what is my right.

Vid says to namit i dont wanna talk to you. He says you can’t ignore me. She says i will. He says you can’t ignore me, i wont leave you like this. He shoves her. parth comes in and shoves her. He hits namit.
Parths says how dare you to hit her and hurt her. parth throttles him, namit says i am really sorry, parth says ask her for pardon. He says i am sorry vidushi. She leaves. Namit says when she gets to know your reality you will lose all the charm. Vid walks in corridor in tears. Parth comes there, she says in heart say it parth. He says what if you dont accept me.
vid says to team in canteen, sanyu treats us like she is our boss. sanyu comes and says my company is ready to sponsor but we have to work there as assistants. they all nag, sanyu says do you have another option? vid says you are using us. sanyu says i am with you all. parth says but you should have asked us. sanyu says i am doing what i can. if you want funds do or arrange sponsors yourself.

precap-sanyu says if you think i am not a good captain compete with me. If i win not one will nag about me again. vid says i am ready.

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