Reporters 3rd July 2015 Written Episode

Ananya informs her mom that she got a better pay job in Mumbai. Mom tries to convince her to stay back, but she is adamant. Her KKN friends come and ask mom to stop her. Mom says if they can stop her, they can. They try to convince Ananya, but she say she is just going to Mumbai and not away from them.

Malvika tells Kabeer that she appointed a new employee in Ananya’s place who will cover even bollywood. Kabeer says Ananya is more sensible and competent reporter.

Ananya comes to KKN channel to say final bye to everyone. Peon asks if she is really resigning. She say yes and asks if she can look at office once. He lets her in and she watches each room and place and reminisces her emotional moments attached to it.

Kabeer comes seeing her. She says he should have been in conference. He says even she should not have been here. She says she came to meet her friends last time. He says he came to meet his friend first time. He says he asked her to leave channel and wants now to stay back. She says she does not have any reason to stay back. He says he will give her reason and says he cannot live without her and loves her a lot, asks if this reason is enough for her to stay.

She says this is not enough and tries to leave. He says he does not want to lose himself, so he is stopping her. He says he does not know who he is. People call him selfish, womanizer, etc., and it does affect him as he used to live for himself, but now he wants to live for her. He reminds her what she said in party. He goes near her and says he is very stubborn and can lose anything to get her, his egoism, arrogancy, etc. It is not easy for him to break these walls which he has built around him. He wants to make her as his identity and requests to give him one chance. He touches her face and says I love you. She starts crying emotionally. He kisses her and wipes her tears. They both then hug each other with satisfaction and happiness on their faces.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan about love.

Precap: No precap today.

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