Swaragini 3rd July 2015 Written Episode

Swara wakes up in the hotel room and looks for her phone. She wonders how she reached there as she was with Dida in the hospital. Just then she hears Police coming them. The Police arrests the people doing illegal activity. Swara is shocked and wonders how did she reached here. Laksh drops Ragini home. Ragini invites him for tea. Laksh agrees and tells you have changed a lot. Ragini says I have become like Swara and trying to be like her. Laksh says I didn’t say that you have become like Swara. He says you don’t need to change as you have so many qualities. Ragini gets Swara’s call informing her that she is in hotel and didn’t know how she reached there. Laksh takes the phone from Ragini. Swara tells him that she was sleeping in the hospital and don’t know how she reached here. Laksh asks her to check hotel’s name. Swara gets the card and tells Laksh. Laksh and Ragini rush out. Swara tries to recollect. The police bang on the door asking her to open the door. Swara hides in the cupboard.

The Inspector sees Swara’s dupatta in the cupboard and is about to see Swara, but just then lady constable calls him. He asks constable to search in other room. He then asks Swara to come out and tells that he saved her as he knows she is from respected family. He asks how did you come here? Swara says she doesn’t know and trying to recall. The Inspector asks her to be there and says raid is going on outside. Ragini and Laksh come there. Inspector Roy informs Laksh that Swara is in room no. 212. Laksh and Ragini are going towards there, but other police officer stops them. Laksh tells that they were called by Inspector Roy. The Inspector let them go. Laksh and Ragini come to that room. Laksh sees Swara and forwards his hand. Swara runs and hugs Ragini instead. Swara cries badly.

The Inspector tells that he will take them outside. Swara says she wants to know how she came here, and who is with Dida in the hospital. Sanskar tells Sujata that no one will know what has happened with Swara. He says Ragini and me are walking on this path, as I want to take revenge and Ragini wants to unite the broken relation. Swara gets Sumi’s call and Ragini takes the call. She lies to her that they are at home and Swara came home being unwell. Ragini starts acting saying she lied to mum. Swara asks why did you lied? Ragini says she couldn’t tell that Swara is in cheap hotel, and asks why you want to hurt mum. The Inspector tells that he will take swara from back door and asks Laksh and Ragini to go from main door. Laksh asks Swara, are you fine. He holds her hand and assures that everything will be fine.

Jealous and Evil Ragini looks at them and asks Swara to come. She takes Swara from there, making them leave each other hands. She holds Laksh’s hand and goes. Sujata asks Parineeta to bring tea for her and switches off the TV. They see Laksh and Ragini in the hotel raid. Sujata calls everyone. Sanskar claps and enjoys. Everyone is shocked. Durga Prasad is shocked to see Laksh and Ragini in the hotel raid. Laksh, Ragini and Swara come home. The neighbor taunts them and says these people are incremented from MMS to TV. Swara asks what they were talking about. Ragini says nothing and takes them inside. She assures that everything will be fine. Laksh asks Ragini to bring tea for Swara. Ragini nods. Laksh asks Swara to recall. Swara says she is trying to recall and don’t know how she reached there. Laksh says I have full trust on you.. Evil Ragini gets jealous.

Swara is dancing in the club being drunk. Laksh asks her to come with him. Swara refuses and dances madly. Evil Ragini is also there in the party seeing her plan working.

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