Manmarziyan 3rd July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sam asking Neil does he wish to keep her all his life. She goes with Arjun. Neil smiles. Prerna looks on. Neil clicks her pics. Teri meri dosti………….plays…………. Prerna gets teary eyed seeing Neil hiding his pain by his smile. Saral asks Radhika to get another drink for him. She says its enough. He insists and asks her not to disappear, he is waiting here. Radhika stops seeing Arjun. Arjun sees her getting wine and looks at Saral. Dastaan……….plays………… Sam poses for pics with Arjun. Neil clicks their pics and smiles seeing Sam. Radhika gives the drink to Saral.

Saral says we will take pics too and is drunk. He holds Radhika and takes selfies. Arjun looks at them. Radhika says keep the glass on side. Saral says how will my friends know I drink scotch with high society people. Arjun turns to see Radhika. Saral clicks pics and checks. He says she looks good in saree, he will take her solo pic and makes her stand. It starts raining. Arjun and Neil get under the shade and Sam dances in the rain. She asks Arjun to come, does he have courage to come. Arjun says he will ignite fire in the rain, and gets his wallet and phone out. She smiles and asks Neil to come. Neil says how will I capture you if I come along. Sam takes Arjun and dances with him.

Neil looks on. Ansuon me bighaati…………..plays………….. Neil gets sad and holds Arjun’s wallet. He gives it to Radhika and says he has to leave, he is feeling sleepy. Saral asks Radhika to come with him and dance in the rain. She refuses. Saral asks why does she always ask him to leave her and pushes her down. Arjun’s wallet falls down and all the things out on the floor. Saral leaves angrily. Arjun looks at Radhika. Radhika gets his wallet belongings. Sam asks Radhika to come. Radhika refuses. She gets Arjun and Nandini’s pic. She turns it over and is shocked.

She recalls Nandini and his lies. Arjun goes to Radhika and she shows him the pic. Arjun holds her and asks how dare you. He moves her away from Sam’s sight. She asks about his pic with Nandini, why did he lie to her, she asked him and he denied of knowing Nandini. He takes the pic and wallet. He says stay away from me. She says I will not go away from you till you are in Sam’s life, Sam is my friend, and friend’s relation is of heart, you can’t lie to Sam.

Sam comes to them and asks what happened Arjun. He says its late. Sam asks Radhika is she fine. Radhika says Arjun is hiding something from her. She says I told him he can’t lie to her, and asks him to show his wallet. Sam asks what is he hiding. Radhika says Arjun is not alone, he has a family. Sam gets stunned and asks what, family? No this can’t be, he is grown up in orphanage, he said he is lonely. Radhika asks Sam to see herself. Sam takes his wallet.

Sam checks it and asks is this your family. Radhika says I knew this since hospital, and did not wish to tell you without any proof. Sam asks who is this Arjun. Arjun says my everything. Sam happily cries and says I love you Arjun. Radhika gets shocked. Sam hugs Arjun. Arjun looks at Radhika. Sam says is Radhika my friend or Arjun’s, why did he hide this. Radhika takes the wallet and sees Sam’s pic in it. She gets stunned. Arjun takes his wallet and asks Radhika is she happy now to tell his lie to Sam, is there any more truth left to say, say it now. He says Radhika has seen this pic in hospital and wanted to tell you, see I have everything, and I have no one to help me in tomorrow’s function, except this pic one. He says if their truth and dare is over, then shall we? Sam says yes and goes with him. Radhika turnsand sees the pic wall of Sam’s pics. She recalls Arjun taking Sam’s pic from there and keep it in the wallet.

Neil says he will leave Mumbai once Sam gets married and cries keeping their pic frames in a box. Prerna cries seeing Neil.

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