Satrangi Sasural 3rd July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
In the morning, vihaan gets up late to a message, asking him to wake up as its 6 o clock. he fumes, butthen cools down when he finds that she has taken care of his every need. He leaves to freshen up. Vibha comes in and just like a wife, she sets vihaan;s things and then this room. She finds arushi’s notes, and is surprised as to how she can talk to her own husband rudely. She eyes vihaan’s stuff lustily that she should have had the fortunate luck of having a husband like him, so that she could havwe enjoyed like arushi. She leaves hearing some noise. When vihaan comes out of the bathrooom, he finds that everything is so neatly orgnised.

Mini is tensed, and shocked when she knows that there is an online profile of hers going around on the net, with people calling for her. She calls from the kitchen, when hears raunak’s call. raunak tells that the next time, sshe should think twice before telling someone that she is undesirable, and hence he had to prove it to her. She asks if he has gone mad, and he says that this is just a social experiment, who subjectiuve and objective is her only. she asks him not to meddle in her affairs. She asks him to leave her alone. just then, granny too checks her profile, and then confronts mini saying that this means she is Bobby. She asks if she placed a matrimonial ad, without asking anyone. they are shocked, while she stands with her head hung low.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s residence
Girish and others are highly tensed. The girl wakes up in her room, only to DREAM a murder attempt and that she wakes up completely scared. Kasturi comes and immediately assures her, saying that she is right here. Jhanvi isnt willing to let gbo, while kasturi finds that she is running high temp and goes to take antibiotics for her. Jhanvi eremembers that she cant take any meds due to her condition. Kasturi comes and gives her meds, but she somehow manages to avoid weating it. girish notices this and gets tensed. When kasturi leaves, girish confronts her but she doesnt divulge anything. He reprimands her for the same, while a call keeps ringing on her cell. She leaves for the bathroom, as she immediately gets nauseous. girish notes down the number, determined that she shall find out about her past.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s office
The next morning, all congratulate arushi for her promotion, and she gives a pep talk and then asks the employees to get back to work. Meanwhile, the peon tells arushi thsat vihaan has a headache. to furhter tease him, arushi sends a pill, instead of going herself. vihaan teases arushi back about a chit message, while she says that she didnt write it. when vihaan gets tensed, and traces it back, and suddenly arushi becomes tensed with some revelation. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: both arushi and vihaan confront vibha sternly asking why she tamperede with arushi’s romantic message.

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