Manmarziyan 4th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika working in her room. Saral comes to her and sees her working. She says she will get parathas for him. He stops her and says he will not leave her now. She asks him to leave her. He says he will leave her when she says I love you, he is her fiance. She says let me go. He says its his right, he does not show his right, it does not mean she forgets him. Sam comes and sees them together. She turns to go and hears Radhika asking him to leave her, its hurting. Saral asks her to kiss. Sam enters the room, and he leaves Radhika.

Sam asks did he not sleep till now and asks him to go and sleep. She gives him the blanket, saying they have a rat at home which may bite him. Saral leaves. Sam asks Radhika is there any problem. Radhika says nothing, Saral is such, you know guys are such. Sam says she is not asking about Saral, she felt change in her since she came from Lonavla. Radhika asks her to trust her that she will never hide anything and tell any bitter truth to her, she will tell her and no power of the world can shut her mouth. Sam smiles and says make me meet that power who can shut your mouth. She says I can’t believe my engagement is happening with Arjun, I m lucky to have everything, friends, love and family.

Radhika thinks how to tell her, no one will trust her without proof, she has to bring Arjun’s truth out. Neil sits sad. Teri meri dosti…….. plays…….. Prerna says Sam was very happy that he came in party. He recalls Sam and Arjun dancing in the rain. Ansuon me bighaati…………plays…………….. Neil starts putting Sam’s pics in the box and says he is taking Sam forever with him. She asks will he shut his life in this box. He says I would have kept you too if you were slim.

She asks will he leave her and Sam. He says what should I do, my breath stops seeing love for Arjun in Sam’s eyes. He asks her to love someone else. He says there is no one like Sam. Sam can never be mine, I have to go away from Sam, that her memories can’t reach me, once she gets married, I will leave birdsong and Sam, I will live with her love caged in my heart. They cry.

Its morning, Nandini sees Arjun and says she got the things he will need for today’s function. She asks about whom is he thinking. Arjun recalls Radhika and says about stones of the way. She says he will forget the way if he thinks about the stones, stones’ work is to come in our way and our work is to move them, sometimes small mistakes become big problems, see this plant died as you kept junk near it, everything can be ruined if he did not do right thing on time. She says its his engagement today, big day for them and asks him to come.

She leaves and he thinks about Radhika. He recalls Nandini’s words and burns the dupatta. He cries thinking about Radhika. Radhika calls studio and the man asks her to come and talk. Saral sees Radhika and asks will anyone ask me about breakfast. Radhika says I will get, I will eat later, I have to go for some work. Sam says I did not eat such superb parathas before and asks Mala to make more. Mala asks where is she going, its her engagement today. Sam says some secret place. Radhika asks where is she going. Sam says she will take parathas for Arjun and say she made it. Radhika asks is she going to Arjun’s home. Mala asks is this her secret place. Radhika asks does Arjun know you are coming. Sam says surprise visit, let me see what he is hiding. She leaves. Radhika gives breakfast to Saral. He asks where curd, ghee, I don’t eat dry parathas. She gives him curd. He asks her to get hot parathas and asks her to make fresh ones. He asks her to go if work is more imp than him.

Nandini asks Arjun to give the saree to Sam, which Samrat gifted her. She asks to whom did he give her place. He says nothing, Radhika… She says why is she coming in his way, is she coming in his heart too. He says he removed her pic in wallet as Radhika took his wallet and he placed Sam’s pic, he hates anyone coming in his way. He recalls taking pic from the pic wall and says I have to go, before anything happens. He opens the door and sees Sam. He gets stunned.

Sam enters Arjun’s home and looks at him stunned. Arjun gets tensed.

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