Sadda Haq 6th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Randihr is working.
late at night warden comes and tells sanyu someone has come to meet you. She goes out its ankit. Sanyu says if you think i will sign them then you are wrong, he grasps her hand and says sign them. sanyu says leaves, randhir comes and says don’t touch her. Randhir hits ankit. Ankit says you can’t feed your team from our money and he is not going to help you always. Ankit leaves, sanyu says why you hit my brother. He says i dont need your permission, i was wrong that i came for your help. He leaves in anger.

Late at night randhir is working on his design, he presents it to the sponsor on video link. sponsor says i hope it has a good quality. randhir says you wont find better anywhere.
sahil says to ranawat please appoint anyone else, we dont want sanyu as captain. rest of the team is there as well. Vidushi says she is misusing her power, she is rude and bossy. Sanyu is in her room, she says i cant argue anymore, i will talk to them. No more bossing around. parth says she does her own all the time. ranawat says its her right and did anyone of you bring the sponsors? no? she is trying so she will have the right. when they are leaving they see sanyu on the door. Ranawat says to sanyu leader should understand weaknesses and strengths of her team. They are united against you. You can take benefit of this unity as well.

Sanyu comes out and says if you all think i am not a good captain i am ready to give up on it. Whoever wants to be captain should compete with me. if i lose i will back out. Its i win no one will ever talk about it. sahil says this is not fair. Ranawt says this is fair. parth says there is no competition amid. Ranawt says to solve your own problems you have to. And this is good, prove you are betterand become the captain. Vidushi says sir i am ready.
parth and sahil say that you cant beat sanyu. Vidushi leaves. parth says why did you accept the challenge? vid says i can’t let her be bossy with me. sahil says yes we have bbeat her. Vid syas i will beat her by hook or by crook. parth says i hope you know what you are saying.

sanyu comes in her room. Vid has mixed sleping pills in her water. Vid says so many girls are dying due to dehydration. Sanyu picks the bottle and is about to drink randhir comes in and says come i wanna talk to you. He takes her out. randhri says who does this to team, who competes with own team. sanyu says you are like them too. you are against me, papa and ankit are against me. team is against me. i feel so lonely and you left me alone as well. Just imagine how difficult it would be for me. He walks away.

Randhri is working on the car. he says she was right she needs my support in these times but she always fights. He gets his hand cut. sanyu sees randhir and says what happened to your hand? She takes him to medical room and dresses his wound. he says if i knew you were gonna do this i would have injured somewhere else. sanyu smirks, randhir hugs her.
sanyu says why you fight, he says i do? She says yes you do. he says okay you always blame. Sanyu squeezes his cheeks and says i am so sorry. He says focus on your task and win it. i will take a treat when you win.

sanyu and randhir come in the lab. ranawat says both teams are here before time. This task is only for dream team, randhir goes out. ranawat says you have to assemble parts and make the machine, you have to deicide which parts you want. ranawt says its not vid vs sanyu. Its sanyu vs rest of the team. Join vid rest of you, randhir says this i not fari. ranawaat says who asked you to come in? out. ranawat says this is fair, she has to prove herself to be the best of the team. This is a chance for all of you,sanyu if loses will have to leaves dream team.
sanyu and rest of the team starts working, sanyu is working fast and high. ranawat comes in and says times up. THe winner of the task is sanyu, she has secured her place. now you may know why i have her captain. sanyu says guys get back to normal and work together. They all leave.

Precap-sanyu is in her room, randhir texts her celebrations at 9. She goes to canteen, he has decorated it all with rest petals and candles.

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