Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita recalling Sarika’s words. Tere dil ka mere dil se……….plays…….. She happily cries seeing Ruhi and goes to her. She thinks Ruhi loves me a lot, and took her piggy bank there, I could not do anything for her. Ruhi says sorry for what I did today, don’t cry, smile. She asks her to give genuine smile. Ruhi asks her to smile else she will call Raman. Ruhi tickles her and runs. Ishita runs after her. Mihika thanks Abhishek for the lift and asks will he come for coffee. He says no, I have to go for duty. She says show me your sister’s pic, I will keep my eyes open. Sarika sees him and hides. He thanks her. Mihika leaves.

He sees Sarika in the mirror as she rushes and leaves in the auto. Mihir talks to Raman and says that’s great news. Raman says we did it, Bansal liked the presentation. Mihir says Bansal is hardworking man, he is a good man, I m happy. Raman says Bansal wants to increase investments, I will show Ashok and Jhakad. Mihir says talk to Ishita, she was calling me. Raman asks him to give her good news, he has to be here for more days, I have more meetings here. Mihir says fine and ends call. He says we will show Ashok and Jhakad now and gets glad.

Raman attends a party with Bansal and meets more people of his business group. He asks about Bijlani, his wife is very younger than him. Bansal says she is not his wife, don’t say this does not happen in Delhi, I don’t like Bijlani for these things. Raman asks what did he mean. Bansal says she is escort, Bijlani’s wife does not stay here, he has new girl every day, this is also full fledged business to have escorts, no one knows such girls are wives or escort. Raman says yes and finds it strange.

Bansal says that man is also businessman, but he provides escorts. Raman says this is disgusting, when man has wife and kids support, people don’t need them. Bansal asks him to be alert, as girls will be trying to come to him. Raman says my sixth sense is good in this. He turns and gets shocked seeing Shagun as escort. Raman sees her talking to a man and smiling. He says what is she doing here. The escort manager makes Shagun meet a man, and he kisses her hand. Raman gets angry.

Shagun drinks with a man. Bansal shows him maybe that businessman is cracking a deal with that girl. Raman asks is he sure. Bansal says yes, that man gets pretty escort of the party, don’t you think that girl is from good family. Shagun says 50000rs. The man says its fine if above this amount. Shagun goes with him. The police comes there and stops the music. The inspector says they got info about high profile escort racket here and arrests the girls. Shagun tries to resist. She gets shocked seeing Raman there. Raman wants to go after her. Bansal asks Raman to come, as police asked them to leave.

Rajat says he is reputed businessman, why will he run like racket. The inspector says he knows them well and puts them in lockup. Shagun says leave my hand, I m not the one you are thinking, I m Sha… Ruhi Arora from women force and social worker. The lady comes and gives her ID. Shagun says she has called him and informed, to get those men arrested. She says she is the owner of the NGO.

Shagun removes her lenses and makeup. The inspector says sorry, thanks. She says she pretended to be with them to make them caught. He thanks her and says congrats, your NGO is doing good work. She says she has personal reasons, she has a daughter too, Malik traps innocent girls, I started this NGO to help women. He says great, your kids will be proud of you. She recalls Ruhi and Adi’s hatred. She says thanks. Shagun leaves. Raman comes with Bansal to police station and says he has come to meet the girls caught in raid. He gets into an argument with constable. Bansal takes him.

Shagun recalls the inspector’s words and smiles seeing Adi and Ruhi’s pic. She says I wish they were with me to see how much I changed, everyone is appreciating me, they would have been proud, I was a bad mum, every person does mistakes. She cries and says its imp that I realized my mistake, so I told Ruhi Arora as my name, I want everyone to know me by my daughter’s name, I want to do good work, and dedicate this to my kids, they will be happy. She recalls Raman seeing her and worries. She says Raman has seen me in that state, what will he think.

Ruhi says dad went to Mumbai for work, his work is over, why don’t Ishita goes there to surprise him. Mihir says flight is in 2 hours. Ishita smiles and thinks she is coming to raid, Ravan Kumar get ready.

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