Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sooraj talking to Himanshu. Sooraj asks for whom does he want this saree. Himanshu says my fiancee. Sandhya tells Bharat that he has gone to see saree for me, and my husband is showing him. Bharat says no, your truth should not come out, you have to stop them. Sooraj shows the sarees. Himanshu says I don’t know which one to buy. Sooraj says I think you did not buy saree before. Himanshu says he has her pic in phone, he can see this and show any good saree suiting her.

Sandhya tells Bharat that Himanshu is going to show Sagarika’s pic to my husband. Bharat says my officers will reach there, you can’t go there. Sandhya looks on. Himanshu says this is my fiancee Sagarika and gives the phone to Sooraj. Bharat calls Himanshu and the pic goes of screen. Bharat says Sagarika got unwell, come fast, I need you. Himanshu says Shantanu Baba, I m coming. He asks Sooraj to pack both sarees and takes it. He leaves. Sandhya says he went from here. Bharat says we got another problem, come here fast. She says I m coming and does not hear Bhabho calling her. Bhabho thinks what happened to her.

Sooraj thinks to make things fine between Bhabho and Emily by Sandhya’s way. He says he got hands dry and itching. Bhabho applies ghee to his hands. He talks to Bhabho and signs Pari and Emily. Emily says she is going out, and leaves. Pari says maybe Sooraj had allergy on his hands, and tells about Pari’s pineapple allergy. Sooraj says yes, I remember, Emily has eaten pineapple and got unwell. He reminds Bhabho. Bhabho leaves.

Himanshu is stuck in traffic and Sandhya is on the way. She thinks she has to become Sagarika, but she has all those things at home, what will she do now. She removes her earrings. Bharat waits for Sandhya. Sandhya comes by window and asks him to open the door. Hesays you have to change. She says open the door, else Himanshu will doubt. She rushes to room. Bharat opens door. Himanshu asks where is Sagarika. Bharat says she is in room. Himanshu rushes there.

Misri makes sandwich of mixed fruit jam and Bhabho likes it. Babasa signs her. Pari gives the tiffin for Emily. Himanshi comes to see Sagarika and sees her shivering. He gets worried and asks how did she get so ill. Bharat sees her mangalsutra and worries, that if Himanshu sees it, it will be problem. He signs her and she covers it up.

Himanshu asks did she take medicine. She says she is fine, but feeling cold, dad got worried and called you. Bharat asks what would I do, I got nervous and went temple to pray, we all will go for mannat after she gets fine. Sandhya recalls Bharat saying they have crosses first hurdle, its time to start mission Mahabali. She asks how will it start. He says Ajmer, just police officers will be there. He says he will create chaos there and hurt Himanshu there, the group will be shocked by his death news, we have to trap Himanshu and get him in the temple. Himanshu says we will go to temple as a couple. Sandhya thinks it means he wants to marry me, no I can’t let this happen. Bharat says he will make pur plan fail. Himanshu asks Sagarika is she not ready for marriage. Bharat says she is ready. Himanshu says I want to know the answer by her, its about our life.

Misri talks to her friend and says everyone liked the jam at my home, it was easy to make and tells recipe. She thinks Sandhya’s plan starts now and says the fruits, with pineapple. Bhabho recalls Pari’s words and gets worried for Emily.

Bhabho asks Misri did she add pineapple in jam. Misri says yes, but why. Bhabho says she has allergy. Misri says I did not know this, I will call and tell her not to have it. She says she is not taking call. Bhabho asks her to hurry up, she does not want any blame on Misri. Misri says I will leave message for her. She says she has to go for tuition and leaves. Babasa says maybe Emily does not see message and eat jam, but so what, she will get ill, what should we care, we don’t have relation with her. Bhabho worries.

Sandhya says there is no such thing, I m ready. Himanshu says actually, I got these two sarees for you by famous Pushkar shop, I want to know which one you like. Sandhya looks at Bharat. She says red. Himanshu says even that Sooraj said the same, how will you know, he is shop keeper, I asked him to help, his guess is right more than me. Sandhya cries. Himanshu leaves. Bharat says he did not know Himanshu will say this. She says she can die if its needed, but she can’t marry him, she is married. Bharat says I respect your emotions, maybe Himanshu is testing us, we can’t let him doubt us, it won’t be real marriage, we have to do acting for our mission, I don’t like all this, do I enjoy acting infront of Himanshu, she has to do fake drama of her marriage. She is stunned.

Sandhya talks to Bharat and says mission Mahabali, and tells the details to him.

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