Qubool Hai 6th July 2015 Written Episode

Part 1

Ahil is shocked to see Sanam all up and fine. He asks her why she is walking and not resting. Sanam says he has no concern in this regard. He better not worry. He can simply watch the scene. Flashback shown of Sanam fainting, Ahil simply watching. She regrets having cared for him and having worried for him. She rues that she prayed for him and his love. She says showing off that you love someone doesnt matter. Not surprised Sanam left you and never returned coz a person like you doesnt deserve anything least of all love. Sanam says ‘Sanam aapki mohabbat nahi, apki zidd hai’. You dont love Sanam, you wanna possess her. Ahil says agreed. Then what is Shaad for you. Is he your true love. Dont answer it. I dun wanna know coz u can lie to me and Shaad and to yourself but not before Allah. If you get a chance ask Allah who your true love is. You will get an answer soon. Sanam says my Allah is in my heart. I only have love for my hubby in my heart and will always have love for him. Sanam walks off.

Saif tells Shashi Kapoor that she may have played the trick but not sure Nazia will be of any use to our plans. She asks why. Saif says coz Nazia is too weak. Shashi Kapoor says weak pawns are sometimes very useful for us. When we add a new terrorist, we take care that the new person we bring in has some weakness. The person shouldnt be too shrewd. These kind of people work like pawns in chess. They can be controlled. They can be made to do whatever u want. See how i turn Nazia towards myself and she will dance on my tunes. Saif asks how. Shashi Kapoor says step-by-step. Today i taught her a lesson, will teach her some more. Will control her. She will soon be colored in my favor. She asks Saif to dial up someone.

Latif rues what kind of ritual is this that one person has to leave their house after certain age. Nazia asks her to hurry up. She says cant believe u r getting married. Now who will give me beauty tips. Saif calls Nazia. Nazia says planning to bring my full luggage over there today itself. Shashi Kapoor says surely, its your own house. Nazia apologizes. Shashi Kapoor says its fine. A few friends of mine are coming over, want you to come over so i can intro you to them. They will realize that my Saif has found a diamond. Shashi Kapoor says when one trusts someone blindly, they stop trusting others.

Sanam-2 is practicing black magic again. Gazala is terrified. She tries to sneak away but notices Sanam-2 inserting some pin in a doll.

Part 2

Shashi Kapoors friends praise her for agreeing to Saif-Nazia’s relationship. They crib about Nazia and her character. Nazia overhears. They even doubt on Nazia’s character and if the baby is Saif’s or not. Shashi Kapoor notices Nazia and says agreed. Girls should be careful as their behaviour defines their families reputation. Nazia did something very shameful. Nazia is in tears.

Sanam-2’s magic is not working. She cant believe it. She wonders what Ahil did. She overhears the chant of Allah. Gazala checks that Quran – khani is going on. Ahil is present. Some kids, Maulvi saab are reciting Quran. Sanam-2 feels the effect and feels restless. Gazala tells Sanam-2 that Quran-khani is going on. Sanam-2 is going crazy coz of the chanting. Gazala shuts off the door of the room.

Shashi Kapoor notices Nazia crying. She says you all think Nazia is too bad but dare you crib about the daughter in law of this house. I know Nazia well that i know that she loves Saif a lot. Nazia is a diamond and am glad she is gonna be the bride of my family. Shashi Kapoor says dont wanna hear any ill words against Nazia. Shashi Kapoors friends fume on her for insulting them. Shashi Kapoor shooes them off. Suddenly the notice Nazia and she says i overheard everything. Shashi Kapoor asks her friends to leave. She tries to console Nazia and apologizes to Nazia. Nazia asks her not to apologize and hugs her. Nazia asks her not to apologize and says anyone can support anyone in front but you fought for me against your friends in my absence. Shashi Kapoor says i can fight for you against the entire world. One needs to take care of ones family and project their positives and hide their negatives. Wont you do the same for me. Nazia hugs Shashi Kapoor. She smirks you passed my exam.

Part 3

The Quran Khani is going on and Sanam-2 is fuming. She has earplugs in her ears. She decides to ruin Ahils plan. She says so what my plans are not working, these sleeping pills will work. She gives Gazala sleeping pills to add in the juice to be given to the kids who are reciting the Quran Khani. Sanam-2 says once the kids drink, they will fall asleep and the Quran Khani will remain incomplete. She sends off Gazala. She smirks if Shaitan feared Allah so much, there wouldnt have been any Shaitan in the world.

Precap — Sanam is walking towards the Quran khani in the hall and prays to Allah to show her the face of her true love.

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