Sadda Haq 7th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sanyu wins the task ranawat says now you know why i made her captain in first place. You have to follow her instructions. Ranawat leaves, Sanyu says please guys i dont wanna instruct you all, lets start again as a team. They all leave.
sanyu is sitting with ranhdir, she says i dont know why they are behaving this waay. randhir says they need a slap. Sanyu says no please don’t start fighting and all. yoyo comes and says he right i was wrong to demotivate you. You are the best captain for the team. I am on your side.

Randhir texts sanyu, special date at 9, to celebrate your victory.
Randhir decorates everything with red and balloons. Sanyu is getting dressed. Sanyu gets a call from Kashap, he says you have to come to office to sign some papers. Sanyu says email me, i will scan them and sign them.
Randhir’s phone goes off. Sanyu calls him but his phone is off. He awaits her but she is busy with the email. There is no internet. sanyu takes out the print out. Randhir says this is too much, he start blowing the candles with his hand, sanyu comes and says i am so sorry, you dont have to hurt yourself. I had an important work, he says no work is more important. I am your last priority. SAnyu says i can’t even compare you to anything else. he says should i be compared? You all women are same. When you are convinent you love, when you don’t you leave. sayu says at least i try, the only love we have is going to end because of your ego. You waited for 30 minutes, i wait hours for you i never argue like this. You think you are doing all for this relationship but the fact is that you will be reason why it is going to end.

sanyu is working with the team. no one listens by heart to what she is saying except yoyo. Parth says i am going i am hungry. sahil and vidushi leave a well. ranawat comes sees sanyu alone. He comes in. sayu says they are not even ready to listen to me. They have turned against me. ranawat says you challenged them you have to face the consequences, the captain should have capability to lead.

Vidushi is drying her hair, electricity fluctuates. Sanyu says i think a lot of appliances are being used at one. power cuts. Vid turns on the dryer by placing battery there. sanyu says you know i know your value, i want everyone to know the genius you are. Once we reach the competition you know we are gonna make it. We are only two girls in this team, our dreams will come true if we win. We will earn millions. Vid is going out, sanyu says where are you going? Vid says to sahil, i can manipulate him at least, i know he will join us. sanyu smiles.

sanyu is sitting with randhir, she gets a call randhir hangs up and says eat up first. She says give me the phone please. ankit says come to office right now. Randhir says what happened? sanyu says nothing. he says where are you going? she says home. its important.

Vidushi comes in and sees parth hitting the punching bag, she says this is not going to give you peace. He grasps her by arm and says you know a lot about me? she says no i dont. But i want to know, he shoves her and says you dont need to know either.
sanyu comes in the meeting, the board members say to agarwal next time make sure she comes on time.

Precap-A journalist takes sanyu’s interview. Agarwal and ankit are mad to see her on tv. The journalist asks about randhir? She says is he your bf?

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