Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Diwakar taunting Thapki. Bau ji makes Dadi have feet and defends Vasundara. Dadi asks him not to support his wife. Suman and Rachna smile hearing this. Dadi scolds them and asks them to massage her legs. She asks Vasundara to manage her bahus and how she has no control on them. Vasundara asks Dadi to have food and take rest. Thapki comes home and cries. Krishnakant says we did not wish to tell you as you will get hurt. She says they are very bad. Diwakar says he is very bad, but she still loves me and got tears in her eyes, I m so good that any girl can get mad in my love and laughs.

Aditi says they can’t expose them without any proof, and asks Thapki to promise that she will not recall the past. Bihaan massages Bau ji’s legs and smiles. A servant breaks the glass and worries. He apologizes to Bau ji. Bau ji says fine, clean the glass and go. Bihaan makes drink for him. Vasundara comes and says he loves Bihaan more than his own son Dhruv, Bihaan is not part of their family. Bihaan hears them and gets sad. Bau ji worries and says I would have not been alive if Bihaan was not there, he saved my life, and Dhruv is always after my life. She says Dhruv is your son. Bau ji argues. She says she wants to get Dhruv married. Bau ji says then choose. She says I got her already. He says Dhruv did not like his dad till now, what girl will he like.

She says Dhruv will not refuse to her, I will talk to him tomorrow. She walks away and Bihaan spots the glass pieces. He puts the hand under her feet and the glass piece pierces in her hand. She gets worried and removes the glass. He says he can’t bear her blood, he can lose his blood and asks her not to worry. Bau ji ties cloth to him and says he worries for his blood more than his own. Bihaan comes to his room and gets sad recalling Vasundara’s words. He recalls how Bau ji was fighting and getting killed by the goons.

Little Bihaan throws stones at them and beats the goons, this saving Bau ji. Bau ji asks him to come and keeps the gun away. He thanks him for saving his life and asks his name. The boy says he does not have name, he does not parents, so he is orphan. Bau ji says the one who saves other’s life can be Nath, not Aanath/orphan, he will be his son from today, he will give him his name, Bihaan Pandey.

Thapki talks to her family. Aditi and Poonam ask her to go in her office party. Aditi says she has to wear something good. Dhruv looks for his file. Vasundara comes to talk to him, and says about the girl she chose for him. He asks her not to talk about the marriage. She shows Thapki’s anklet and he says Thapki. He smiles. She smiles seeing his smile and asks will he marry Thapki. She praises Thapki and they will be happy together. He refuses and she angrily asks the reason. She asks does he have any weakness.

Diwakar says he will do marriage shopping with Thapki’s family. He asks Thapki to try the bridal dress.

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