Sasuraal Simar Ka 7th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
sid says where is prem simar’s car. Rajhinder says i don’t know we followed them. Prem stops the car, he goes out to check whats wrong with the car. simar asks what happened? He says i am checking it. Sujata lits the candle in temple. They all pray. Prem tries to call but there is no network, simar says what should we do now? He says let me start the car again. The car is locked and the key is inside. Sid and rest of men reach the cops. they says prem and simar didn’t reach here. sakpal says their numbers are off. maybe they are coming from some other way.
They go with the cops where they saw sanju. inspector says we can’t take a risk until they have the girl. We have to tackle them. They all go in. kidnappers run from there. cops run after them. They all start looking for sanju. A thug stops sid, sid hits him.

Rajhinder and shalu are looking for sanhu outside but couldn’t find. Sid says where is sanju? rajhinder says we looked everywhere. Insoector asks the thug where is the girl? He says we sold her. Everyone is dazed. Sid says how dare you, he hits him. cops and amar try to stop sid, sid throttles him. Sid says what will i say to simar and prem?
simar and prem and trying to stop a car for lift. Prem stands in front of a car. The man stops. He says are you mad? Why are you doing this? prem says please can you drop us to veerpur its urgent. He agrees.
Simar says i heard sanjina’s voice. prem says you are worried i didn’t hear anything. We have to save our daughter lets go. simar hears crying baby’s voice again. A red cloth falls on simar. prem says to simar where are you going? she starts going towards jungle. He says we dont have much time. simar says i think God wants me to go there. prem says we dont have time simar says we should go there. prem says sanju’s life is in danger. simar says i wont go from here. Someone is calling me for help i can’t unhear it. Prem sits in the car with the man and leaves. Simar follows the voice and goes in the jungle. She sees and abandoned place there. two men are doing a weird pooja, she hears a child crying. simar peeks in and sees sanju there, she is all roped. a woman in jungle roams while laughing. simar goes in the men say who are you? simar takes sanju and says she is my daughter.

Precap-The witch is shown. she places her hand marks on walls. She peeks in bharadwaj house.

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