Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 7th July 2015 Written Episode

Nandhani is in the bed with Manik. Manik asks Nandhani for how long he was unconscious and Nandhani says that he was unconscious for more than twenty four hours, Manik is shocked to hear this and then he starts to cough Nandhani tells him to calm down and quickly brings a glass of water and helps Manik drink it. Nandhani tries to leave but Manik holds her hand and asks Nandhani to once again lie in the bed with him. Nandhani says that she cannot as it is a patient’s bed and she only got in the bed with him so that he could wake up but Manik insists and Nandhani fulfils his request and once again lies in the bed with him. Manik asks Nandhani questions but she is asleep and does not answer. Manik sees her and also goes to sleep.

Harshad and Aryaman are playing snooker.Harshad asks Aryaman about what Aryaman said that Harshad’s pans were not well enough to break the Fab 5 .Aryaman gives a grudge and then Harshad revels his plan to him about how is slowly going break the fab 5 and he is going to do this before Manik gets out of the hospital. Then Aryaman says to Harshad that his plan will not work because Manik gained conscious this morning and will be out of the hospital in early morning the next day. Then Aryaman says that he has made Nandhani believe that he has never seen a love like that and he will not harm Manik and so he will be able to take his revenge from Manik without being noticed. Suddenly they hear a scream and go out to find that Aaliya is lying on the floor with large quantity of fruits around her. Harshad tries to help her but she would not let him and tells him that he is going to Mukti’s house. When she leaves Harshad says why is there so much fruit then Aryaman says that Harshad’s sister has some kind of eating disorder.

Aryaman disguises himself as a doctor and gets ready to take his revenge from Manik but as soon as he tries to enter the guards stop him saying that the patient is asleep. Aryaman then says that what about the press waiting outside, they should go and take care of them. When Aryaman reaches inside he is shocked to see Nandhani and thinks of what to do. The real doctor comes and the guards tell him that they were told to take care of the press outside by the other doctor and so the doctor comes in and asks Manik how he feels. Nandhani and Aryaman are both hiding in the same room. The doctor checks to see if anything is wrong with Manik and tells him to wait till he is dis charged than he can do anything that he feels like doing.

Cabir is searching for job then suddenly Naviya comes and starts reading. Cabir after hearing it tells her to give it to him because it is rubbish as he cannot fight everyone because of being gay he tells Mukti that his mother did not accepted him and now he got fired. Naviya hugs Cabir and thinks that she will fight for him because he always fought for his friends.

Manik asks the doctor what problem does he have but the doctor tells him that he wil tell him after discussing it with his parents. Manik says what kind of parents leave their son in a hospital and that if they cared about him they would be with him. Nandhani hearing this stands up and says that she is with Manik. Then the doctor leaves.

Aryaman in his disguise comes and demands to check Manik. Manik says the other doctor already checked him but he makes an excuse and gets him to take his shirt off and so injects him with a poison.

‘Precap Aryaman dresses as a doctor tells Nandhani that Manik is going to be alright

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