Qubool Hai 7th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Shaad and sanam talk about their impending marriage, when she seems tensed. When she leaves, shaad hopes that she gets her memory back, and he gets the strength to see through the fact that she belongs to someone else, and is able to give her away.

Scene 2:
Location: Shashi’s residence
Shashi comes to the kitchen, and then pretends that she is here to help nazia develop her culinary skills. nazia happily begins to work, while shashi eyes her with a knife, and evil intentions. She progresses towards her. nazia turns around, and shashi asks her to cut some onions instead. nazia complies. Shashi takes the red chilly powder and pours a lot of it out, and then splashes it on her face. she winces in pain and extreme irritation, while shashi enjoys it. Shashi then pretends to be sympathetic, and says that she shall do something rightaway. While nazia has her eyes closed, she drops the turmeric jar too, along with two other glasses. shashi pretends to be horrified, and somehow amusingly leads her through the maze of glass shards. She then leads her to a room, asking her to wash her face and get rid of the chilly powder. Once she is gone, Shashi says that she may have passed this test, but there’s one more belief test that nazia needs to pass, so that she has complete belief that nazia has blind trust on her.

Later, when they hear the car knock, shashi and nazia hurry to the window to see if he has come. Nazia is shocked to see saif caressing another girl, in the car and then coming to the door. shashi confronts saaif at the door, and slaps him tight. he immediately apologises,. while she lashes at him furiously, hitting him with a stick, asking how can he betray his would be wife like this, pretending to be furious at him. She also vents out her frustration at nazia asking her not to interfere, as she wont spare him, as he betrayed her too along with nazia. saif apologises proufusely, while shashi keeps speaking on nazia’s behalf, and hitting saif. she then turns to nazia and says that she knows not just her heart but her belief is broken too, but still vouches on herself, that she would see to it, that saif never does it again, and if she doesnt believe her, then she can call this off. Nazia eyes them and says that what happened today, cant make her trust saif again, but due to her beliefe and trust in her, she would give saif another chance. She hugs nazia in glee, and then evilly eyes saif. She thinks tht the test is passed, and now once the marriage happens, she would use nazia to her motives. .

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While the prayer service goes on, ahil is joined by shaad and sanam, who sits on the opposite end. the priest asks them all to now pray to the lord, and then requests the lord to clear the people’s mind and give them strength to identify between the right and wrong, and be able to express themselves. Shaad prays that sanam be shown the right path and soon, but it should not take much time. Sanam prays to the lord, saying that her reflection of true love has become so hazy, hence she needs to be shown the right path and the right person, even though she would never consciously destroy the sanctity of their marriage, with shaad. she imagines a scenario where she calls out to shaad, but when the person turns around, its ahil. she immediately opens her eyes in shock and awe. shaad smiles, while ahil and sanam stand boggled, as they see holy smoke emanating from the chamber. sanam stands up finally, and they two follow too. Ahil and shaad eye each other tensedly. Sanam starts progressing, remembering her past encounters with ahil and stands in front of ahil, while shaad standing beside him, watches. The screen freezes on the trio’s face.

Precap: While her mehendi is going on, sanam asks ahil to dress up shaad himself, as thats what she wants. he curtly replies that she can order him whatever she wants to. he leaves. the mehendi lasy asks whose name should be written, and sanam absentmindedly responds as ahil. when she sees the name though on her hands later, she is shocked at uncomfortable.

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