Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita and Raman arguing. Mr. Bhalla says maybe Raman did something that she is angry. Ishita changes her dress and goes out, while Raman tries to stop her. Shagun comes to the hotel and thinks to meet Raman, don’t know what is he thinking about me, I have to clarify things and ask him about my children. She comes to his hotel and asks about Raman Bhalla, his room number. The lady asks is he expecting you. Shagun says he called me here. She sees Ishita there leaving with her bag and says even she is here, and hides. Ishita comes to reception and asks for a vacant room. The lady asks why, is her guests coming. Ishita says yes. The lady says no room is available.

Ishita asks for any nearby hotel suggestions. The lady says all hotels are running full by business meets. She says a lady came to meet Raman. Ishita thinks it means Raman was not lying. Ishita asks who was it. She says she was a pretty lady, of your age. Ishita asks where did she go and looks around. She says she will not leave her once she gets her. Shagun stops as a lady stops her, calling her as Ruhi Arora and praises her. Ishita hears her and comes to her. Shagun leaves. Ishita says even my daughter’s name is Ruhi, its uncommon name.

The lady says Ruhi Arora runs a Ngo for helping women. Ishita says she will be lovely, as her name is Ruhi, I m missing Ruhi. Shagun leaves from the hotel. She thinks she has to leave them alone, they already had many problems, my children are happy with them, Raman can think anything. Romi comes home happily and recalls his son Rohit. He gets the envelope from his pocket and is shocked seeing it empty. He gets worried and checks his bag. He recalls the men fighting and money got stolen.

Abhishek talks his staff and Romi comes there asking for his help. He says his 20000rs got stolen. Abhishek asks Sharma to help, he is going for imp work. Ishita says she will not come with Raman. Raman argues. His friend meets him and hugs him. He introduces his wife. Raman says he came for business meeting and his wife accompanied. His friend tells Ishita that Raman is very romantic. He says lets have dinner together, its my anniversary today, the buffet is awesome here. Raman asks them to carry on. Ishita thinks she can avoid Raman’s face in room and goes to accompany them for dinner.

Romi asks police to find money and the goons. Romi says he will find himself and prays to Lord. Ishita and Raman sit with friends. She asks him to learn from his friend. Ishita gets angry on Raman and he goes with his friend. Raman asks his friend to control his wife. He says he will just come and asks him to go. His friend says he has to talk, he is happy for him that he got Ishita as his life companion, his face has peace on his face, I have seen how you became when Shagun left, you are lucky. Raman asks what does he mean. His friend says his wife has cancer, doctor said she has less time, he did not lose hope and he doesn’t want to believe this, he arranged best treatment for her, she tries to be cheerful that I stay happy.

Raman says I don’t know what to say, sorry. He asks him to say sorry to Ishita, he knows they have some problem, life is short, don’t waste it on fights, and spend moments happily.

Ishita comes there teary eyed and his friend goes. Raman and Ishita say sorry to each other. They get sad for the couple, and how strongly they are facing it. She says I m so lucky. She says she trusts him, she does not doubt him.

He says I m very worried, I wanted to tell you about Shagun. She says Shagun here in Mumbai. He says its shocking in the state in which I saw her, she was an escort. She says what, I really hope is she in any problem. He says maybe, that’s she is like this, I can’t leave her like this, she is my kids’s mum. She says we have to find her. He says he has tried hard. She asks about inspector Shinde having NGO address.

Raman gets a letter from inspector. Shagun writes don’t try to find me, I m not doing anything wrong, I m fine where I m, and he gets angry asking Ishita to see her attitude. She says I think she came to talk to you here, and went back seeing me.

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