Qubool Hai 8th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam stands in front of ahil, while he desperately hopes that she realises her true love, and chooses him. Just then, she sees her wedding dress, and immediately is shaken by reality. She retreats back , takes shaad’s hand and clutches it tightly, while ahil is distraught. shaad is tensed. She tells the priest of their marriage tomorrow, and like everyone wants it to go saafe, she too wants the mariage to be perfect, and asks him to pray for them. the priest complies.

In her room, the new bride gets to know about the prayer service, and rushes down, thinking that ahil shall tell her the truth today, but is happy to see ahil in pain, as sanam chooses shaad. shaad too plays along tensedly. ahil leaves from there, and as he passes the new bride, she smirks, thinking that she didnt have to do anything, as his own destiny betrayed him, as the sacrificial habit that good people have, favours the evil much more, and that shaad and sanam shall get married at any cost, and congratulates ahil on the second marriage of his first wife.

As sanam lies, through the bright light, shaad comes and sits by her side, on the bed, and asks if he loves her. she is confused and boggled. then ahil’s voice booms in, asking if she loves him. she turns around to find ahil asking the same question. She moves her glance from one to another, unable to decide and thoroughly boggled. This startles her and she wakes up from her dream, confused as to whats going on in her mind. she thinks that she is getting married today and she is having these absurd thoughts, and wonders what she shall do. she says that if she listens to her heart, then why does it feel wrong what she is about to do, and if what she is about to do is right, then why does it feel wrong to the heart. she leaves everything to the lord, praying that she hopes to get the strength to live with her decision all her life.

While her mehendi is going on, the new bride teases sanam, that the colour of the mehendi decides the intensity of the husband’s love, and she is sure that sanam’s mehendi sdhall be very dark, as shaad loves her immensely. She thinks that the lord heard her finally, and that sanam is desperate to marry shaad, and after that, its only her and ahil. Latif and gazalla announce to the new bride that saif has arrived with the mayor. The girls tease nazia about it, while she is worried of his infidelity. sanam finds ahil in the corridor, just then, the mehendi lasy asks whose name should be written, and sanam absentmindedly responds as ahil. she then calls ahil, saying that she had a small favour, on her wedding day. he asks what. sanam asks ahil to dress up shaad himself, as thats what she wants. he curtly replies that she can order him whatever she wants to, as its her wedding. he leaves. when she sees the name though on her hands later, she is shocked and uncomfortable. she asks why this name was written, and the lady clarifies. sanam is tensed and rushes from there.

Scene 2:
Location: Shashi’s residence
Shashi and saif evilly glaot that this day has finally arrived, that shall link them to the most prestigious family of Bhopal, bringing them an inch closer to their motive. As they both move out, they find themselves being thronged by reporters, asking for their reactions. She is shocked to know that all of her hdieouts have been raided, through one of her men, who calls her. She wonders who is behind this, while she boggled faces the reporters, unable to react properly. As shaad along with another officer arrive, shashi fumes seeing them. the reporters demand for a pic of the officers with her. She puts on a brave face and complies, and compliments shaad for this remarkable feat, and shakes hands with him. he thanks her too, amused at her plight. He says that she too liked this chase, and that now he too likes this game. He says that he should thank her too, for this feat, and hopefully they shall meet soon again. Shashi puts a smiling face. after everyone leaves, shashi is frustrated, thinking that once the marriage is over, she would finish his story too with ahil’s.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
In her room, sanam is frustrated as she eyes ahil’s name in her hands, and connects the past dots together. she irritably wipes the mehendi from her hands, but ahil’s name is there on her hands, in mehendi. She breaks down and collapses on the floor, as she wonders whats going on with her, and why is it going on with her only. She thinks that the more she tries to calm and comfort her heart, the more its restless and anxious. She is in tears as she wonders why does she feel time and again, that ahil is her own. She says that she knows she isnt related to ahil, as she is shaad’s wife and they are remarrying, but still she feels connected to ahil. she says that she has always been taught to do the right, and now that she is doing all that, by being faithful to her husband, then why isnt god and destiny favouring her, as she cant do it anymore, and doesnt need this. She prays to the lord to be shown the path, as she cant bear it anymore. the screen freezes on the trio’s face.

Precap: As the marriage proceedings begin, sanam agrees to the marriage, and when its the groom’s turn, the pruiest asks and both ahil and shaad, dressed as grooms, agree in unison. This shocks sanam as she lifts her eyes up, to see both of them confronting her as grooms. She is shocked.

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