Swaragini 8th July 2015 Written Episode

Ragini brings the recording from the car and plays infront of Laksh. Laksh is shocked to see Swara’s recording. Ragini recalls compromising with Swara’s conversation with her. Shekhar tells Sumi that Dida will stay with them and she will be alright soon hearing Dadi’s taunts. Evil Ragini comes and tells Sumi that Swara will come late. She comes to Laksh. Laksh tells that he enquired with the auto driver and he told that Swara was walking aimlessly. He gets Swara’s call. Ragini asks where is she? Laksh asks her to sit in the car. Laksh, Ragini and Sanskar come to the pub, and see everyone dancing. Laksh is shocked to see Swara dancing unconsciously. Ragini acts as getting shocked. Laksh asks Swara to come. Swara says she don’t want to go, and asks Laksh to dance with her. Laksh asks Swara to come home. Swara asks him to go and refuses to come along with him. Swara refuses and asks who are you? Laksh is shocked and asks Swara to look at him. Swara says I am going to marry you, but we are not yet married. Some guys ask Laksh to back off and asks him to let Swara be with them. Then they pass lewd comments on Ragini. Laksh loses his cool and beats them.

Sanskar calls the Police and asks to come. Laksh beats the guys. Mad Ragini tells Sanskar that Laksh didn’t do anything when the goons comment on Swara, but when they comment on her, Laksh beats them. She says Laksh cares for me even now. Sanskar holds her hand. Ragini asks him to leave her hand, and goes to save Laksh. Laksh beats the goons. Sanskar looks on, waiting for Police to come. Sumi tells Shekhar that Swara’s phone is switched off and Ragini’s phone is not also out of reach. Shekhar says he will go and see. Sumi says both of them have become irresponsible. Shekhar asks her to take care of Dida. The police arrive there. Laksh tells them the goons were at fault. The goons tell that they want to file FIR against him. The Inspector takes LD to a side and asks him to apologize to goons, as they might file FIR and then he has to land up in jail. Laksh has no option and apologizes. The goons ask him to take care of fiance and her sister.

Sanskar asks where is Swara? Ragini says she will come. She says I don’t know if she takes drugs from the beginning. She cooks up a story that she heard that people take drugs being alone. She says you will have to suffer ultimately because of Swara. Laksh says he don’t care about all this. He says I cares for her feelings for me. Ragini says she is worried about her family and parents. Laksh says she is your sister. Tell me what shall I do. Ragini says a relation can’t be build on lie and asks him to break alliance with Swara. Swara hears everything and is shocked to see Ragini’s evil side. She says you think that I takes drug and is living double life. She says I didn’t take drugs. Why did you ask him to leave me. Ragini says yes, I provoked Laksh against you, and asked him to break alliance with you. I did this intentionally, to see that if Laksh loves you really or not. She says Laksh loves you truly. You don’t need to give clarification to anyone.

Laksh asks her about syringe and drugs. Swara is shocked. Swara says it is impossible. Laksh says Ragini got it from her. Ragini is at loss of words and cooks up a fake story. Swara tells Laksh that she don’t take drugs and it is someone plan against her. Sumi calls Ragini and asks where are you? Ragini lies again. Swara asks why you are lying again and again. She says I hate lies. Ragini says they are coming home. Sumi asks them to come there. Swara asks Laksh, who told you that I am here. Laksh tells that he got a call from her mobile informing about her whereabouts. Sanskar and Ragini look at each other. Swara take out her phone and tells it is with her.

Swara tells Laksh that someone is having problem with their relation. They doubt on the person behind Ragini’s kidnapping. Durga Prasad comes to Garodias and says he has decided to get Laksh engaged to Swara. Dadi asks Swara to make Laksh wear the ring and get engaged. Annapurna and Ragini look on shockingly.

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