Bidaai 21st July 09 – Written Update

Alekh agrees to take care of everything. Shlok and him agree that they will always be best friends and shlok will visit sometime. Ambika and Inderjeet say thank you to Shlok for everything that he did for them and they say they will miss him.
Just as the wedding is about to start Shlok says Stop! This wedding can not happen like this! He puts the (sorry, dont know names!) hat-with-flowers-hanging-down on Alekh and he puts the necklace on Alekh.
The wedding happens with a song in background. Ragvir keep giving each other sad looks.
As they go around Alekh holds Sadhna\’s hand.
Sadhna thanks Shlok for everything and she tells him that without him nothing would have been possible.
She sees mamaji crying and tells him not to cry. She is already at he sasural\’s house and now he has given her a proper wedding so why is he crying?
Mamaji says Sorry beta but what can I do? My heart is so happy that I have finally fulfilled my duties of a father. Jo sapna hai babul ka…bidaai- it is finally done for you. He tells Alekh to take care of Sadhna. Alekh replies main hoon na I will take care of everything.

Mamaji\’s flashbacks:
He picks up Sadhna and says to her father that from now on Sadhna is my daughter
He denounces Sadhna as his daughter during her wedding
He kicks her out of the house and slams the door on her face

Sadhna puts her handprints on the wall.
Sadhna\’s flashback:
She is crying as she puts her handprints
Real Sadhna cries too.
Preview: Nani tells Kaushi that Sadhna should think! First of all both daughters are married in the same household, so Sadhna\’s decisions affect Ragini too! She should really think a little!

Omg todays epi was amazing! But what happened to the whole mystery-is-revealed-and-alekh-becomes-normal-at-the-wedding thing? Well i loved shlok today coz he was the only one not crying over everything!

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