Sadda Haq 9th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
sanyu sits in agarwal’s car but on the front seat. Randhir sees newspaper that prints sanyu’s interview. A guy asks did you mind it? randhir says this was a professional interview, one shouldn’t mix personal life with professional, she shouldn’t have discussed it on media. People already don’t respect working women in our country. sanyu overhears all this. Randhir comes to her and says i will meet you later i have to go. He leaves, sanyu says in heart thank you.

yoyo and sahil say sanyu gave such an amazing interview. Parth says we should apologize her and make her feel good. Randhir says go i don’t give a damn if she is happy or not. sanyu overhears this. Parth says we were coming to you. yoyo says randhir is happy about it. sanyu says yea i saw it. btw i am glad you guys pardoned me, sahil says we should apologize. They all say sorry and hug her.

sanyu stops randhir and says please listen to me. He says i don’t wanna talk to you. He locks the doors, sanyu’s hand cuts. He opens the door. sanyu says why are you ignoring me? he says you treated me like a trash in public. sanyu says she was trying to get me in trap. sanyu says anyone can manipulate you? you said what was truth. Keep these hands safe because I am not gonna open the door next time. He locks the door again.

Randhir searches online about sanyu. He reads her interview. Then he googles his own name and finds nothing. Randhir hacks media’s system. He says now i will tell the world what sanyu is. He throws the laptop away and says how can i even do this?
Renuka’s man tells her that randhir has hacked the system. She asks her man why did randhir hack? He says he was checking our company’s account.

Sanyu decorates a cake for agarwal. Ankit comes and says oh its papa’s birthday. Agarwal comes in, ankit says come papa cut the cake. Agarwal cuts the cake and makes ankit eat. He hugs ankit and leaves. SAnyu stands there in tears.
harsh calls randhir and says come home right now.
Harsh says to randhir sit here. He says she wanna make you a share holder in her company, she came here. Your mom. She said she wanted to dicuss something. Whatever she says, say yes to it. randhir says i don’t wan anything from her. harsh says i struggled all my life, i tolerated her. I did this all for you, and now when you are getting results you are shoving it away.randhir says i am already worried about my life. harsh says because of that girl? these career oriented women ruin lives. She will ruin your life, randhir leaves in anger.

Sanyu talks to ankit, he says dont give me ideas, you are a dumb girl. She hits desk in anger. Randhir comes in and says why you did this stupid? She says you all think girls are stupid? He says why are you being mad at me when your brother said it. sanyu says you are like that too, randhir recalls what harsh said. sanyu says i am sorry. He leaves in anger.

Parth sees randhir’s phone ringing. its renuka. parth picks the call, renuka says randhri i am glad you received the call. parth says its me his roommate, he is not here. Randhir comes and says how dare you to touch my phone, don’t answer it again. He hangs up. Parth says you’re lucky randhir. Its weird what everyone wants, we have it but we don’t value it.

A new girls comes in FITE, in desi attire. she takes off her upper after coming in the college, all guys stare at her, she is wearin a mini skirt. Vid and sanyu come in and see so much luggage in their room. sanyu says i think someone else is coming to live with us. The new girl comes in. She says hi. She pulls her skirt up. She says now its perfect.

Precap-sanyu is drunk, she says i am not scared of you. He takes her in a room. She says i hate you. Randhir holds her hand, he kisses her back.

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