Sasuraal Simar Ka 9th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
prem tears the divorce papers apart and says please marry me simar. Jhanvi says please say yes simar, Pari says please simar. He makes her wear the ring, everyone smiles and claps. Mata ji says in heart i wish they stay like this forever. This wedding will make their relationship stronger than ever.
A woman in black is shown walking in the house.

Mata ji says i have called jeweler. Uma and pari says our jewelry is old as well. mata ji says wont you like anything roli? roli says i have you all i don’t need anything else. The women take prem with them. Simar sees someone out, she goes to check but no one is there. Amar asks what is it? She says i felt like someone was here. maybe i am wrong. He says yes, lets go on.

roli tells everyone about preparations, mata ji says clam down roli. tell me what has been done from the list? uma says roli is excited like its her daughter’s wedding. Prem looks at simar and says their smiles tells me how wrong i was. simar says everyone is happy why are you sad now? We have passed all the tests, nothing can apart us now. The cat is shown.

All the men tease prem and say where are you going? He says i was just going to talk to anjali.

Roli is in tears, she goes in her room and says thank God, keep them one always, i hope they always stay together. Sid comes in and says prayer accept. She looks back, and says i said it. he says your name is perfect roli, you keep crying and fighting like bruce lee. she says you don’t understand my feelings. He hugs her and says you don’t make me understand. She says no. he says sure? She says the door is open.he says let them come, you are mine. Roli says mata ji.. sid leaves roli suddenly. She falls down. she says i am your wife you left me. he says i will make you fall if you lie to me. She runs out.

Simar serves breakfast and says everyone forgot to do breakfast in the wedlock preparations. She sees that the temple candle is blown. simar runs to lit it again but it doesn’t. simar gets worried. A black cat is in the lounge. simar tells mata ji, she tries as well but it does lit. Mata says why are you worried? simar says it was not lightening from my hands. simar says i am really worried. mata ji says its because of the past, relax. Calm down, it will be okay. go walk out, you will feel better.

Precap-simar looks at the hand’s mark. amar cleans it and says its gone. a woman comes in and says namasty.

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