Manmarziyan 9th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Neil saying he does not feel Arjun is right, but Sam wants to marry, its few days thing, once they get married, it will be set, and asks her why is she being spy, you met Sam for the first time and you thought she is going to do suicide. She says I did mistake. He asks her to use the superb work in life, sorry. She says she should apologize to Arjun, he loves Sam. Sam swears on the icecream and says she will never doubt on her, she will keep him first always, and asks him to forgive her. The kids ask Arjun to forgive her, else Sam will eat all the icecreams and they won’t get anything. Arjun smiles and hugs Sam. The icecream gets on his clothes and she says sorry. He says he will wash and some. She goes along.

Nandini talks to Piyali and says she did not think Arjun is saying about our Samaira, but I m glad that he joined birdsong, my story also started from here. Samrat looks on. Nandini says Arjun used to come with me. Piyali says why did he not tell us, that little boy is our Arjun, life is strange. Nandini excuses herself. Samrat goes to her. Nandini says all memories got fresh. He asks why did she come here. She reminds the 15 years old moments, it looks time stopped, we are still the same, and same place. He says time has past, we all changed, it was a mistake and I paid for it, why are you here. She says Arjun and Sam love each other, so I have come. He asks really, why did Arjun not tell me.

He says I know you well, if you think I will risk my daughter’s life and happiness to hide my past, you are wrong, I will end this drama right away. She says yes, even I don’t wish this relation to happen, what do you think, I did not try to stop Arjun. She says Arjun was leaving me for Sam. Samrat says why did he not tell me he is your Arjun. She says I stopped him, you are Samrat sir for him, the advertising guru, if you don’t believe me, tell Sam and Piyali whatever you want, I will support you in your decision.

She says she has moved on, she has forgive him, did he forgive her, we can forget our past and make Arjun and Sam live together. She smiles and walks away. Arjun goes to clean his sherwani. Radhika is changing in the room and hides seeing Arjun. She goes to get her clothes. Arjun comes out and turns seeing her. She hides. He says he did not see anything. Tejh comes there to take CD and asks Arjun to come. Radhika stops Arjun and asks for her clothes, as anyone else can come after he goes. He walks back facing away, and gives her clothes. Khwaishon pe likhi……….plays……….. She recalls Neil’s words to say sorry.

She stops Arjun and says I m really sorry, I did mistake, I doubted on you again. She says my Dada ji says forgiving is good. He says your Dada ji says a lot, say sorry by heart, I can’t hear you. She says sorry. He says he can’t hear her and asks her to say again. She shouts sorry Sir and smiles. She gets dressed and says finally he is getting engaged, and she will not do anything. He asks sure. She says stone has moved from way, how is he feeling. He says like you might have felt at your engagement, how is Saral. Saral comes with Mala.

Mala asks him to ask Radhika once. Saral says he will do what he said, and asks for Radhika. Arjun starts leaving. Radhika stops him, asking him to help, she is stuck. He asks her to be stuck, if she gets free, she will spy again. She says please. He goes to her. Dekhke tujhko…….. Saajna………plays………… He helps her and ties the back strings. He helps her and gives her saree. She throws her saree end and it falls over Arjun. Radhika thanks him and forwards her hand, saying all the best. Arjun goes back and leaves. She gets puzzled. Arjun comes out and closes his eyes. Saral looks aan his expressions. Arjun sees him and leaves. Radhika comes out of the room, and Saral gets shocked.

Saral says he has a good news today, as this room is filled with happiness. Radhika looks on.

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