Doli Armaanon Ki 9th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Party
Chiku teases shaurya about diya, and is amused when he gets to know that there arent any feelings involved. While karan and diya are sitting, her friends(male) come and forcibly coax her to dance in a friendly manner, holding her hands, which sends karan into a frenzy, and unable to control his anger, he hits out at the person. diya takes him away, while shaurya picks the guy up, and assures and comforts him. All are tensed. chiku is meanwhile flirting away with his latests fling.

Scene 2:
Location: urmi’s residence
urmi makes ishaani’s favourite dessert, that she has been eating for 11 years and is her favourite, oblivious of the fact that urmi makes it, and believeing that rani makes it for her, as otherwise she would detest it and never eat. Urmi asks rani to ensure that she doesnt find out this time too. Rani complies. As urmi takes her apron off, she is confronted by damini who asks her why is she fighting for a lost cause. Urmi says that she shall continue to do so, as she is her ishaan’s daughter. damini gets angry and says that it isnt her ishaan, but his mother’s ishaan. they yet again enter into a scuffle, where damini keeps hurling accusations at her, while urmi listens to them resignedly out of respect.

Later, diya comes to meer urmi, on her request, where she gets a gift from urmi, for her outstanding work. Shaurya comes and taunts her about her pending work, and she retorts that she has already finished. shaurya l;eaves saying that he has a party to go to, and asks urmi to ensure that ishaani doesnt enter her room, as he is surprisingly getting it redecorated for her, the way she wanted it, and asks damini and urmi not to disclose it to her. damini is alarmed.

Scene 4:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
chiku and asha have a hard time, adapting to nupur’s crude ways and are amused. gaurav keeps hoping and trying that her past doesnt spring up in any conversation. when asha and chiku are gone, he requests her not to say anything about her past to anyone, and when she realsies that he is requesting and nor ordering her, she agrees.

Scene 5:
Location: Cremation grounds
As shaurya sits, he is haunted by memories of the past and his fathers, and their stark differnece. the priest comes and asks him that he seems restless yet again. Shauray says that this is his destiny for lifee now. The priest asks him to confide his lfie’s deepest mysteries and secrets to someone to feel lighter. But shaurya says that he is in this alone for life, and shall have to deal with it.

Scene 6:
Location: urmi’s resideence
Whiel diya and urmi chat, ishaani comes out asking for jucie and stuff from damini and then hollers at urmi asking who gave her the right to tamper with her bedroom, when urmi suggetsa shift of jher room just for a day. she behaves extremely rude, and this irks diya, who stands up and reminds her that this isnt the way to speak with her own mother. Ishaani is irked. the screen freezes on her angry face.

Precap: When ishaan begins to go in a huff, diya asks her to apologise atleast. but ishaan lashes at her, syaing that she shouldnt meddle in another person’s business, and wrans her about the same. All are tensed.

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