Shastri Sisters 10th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with a one year leap. There is function going on in Sareen house. Minty gets dizzy and talks to Dolly. She goes to talk to pandit. He asks for sweets. Minty asks Sareen and talks to him asking him to call girl’s family. Shastri ji gets Sareen’s call. Sareen asks him to save his life. Shastri ji asks what. Sareen says Minty warned me that if you and girl does not come soon, she will not leave me. Shastri ji says don’t worry, your bahu will come on time. Sareen says I believe you. Alka tells Devyaani that she looks pretty. Shastri ji comes to them.

Alka asks why is she sad. Devyaani says she used to be confused whom will she marry, where and when, but I was clear that all my sisters will be with me, and see today, Anu is not here to scold me for petty things. Rajat looks at Anu’s pic and cries in his room. Sareen comes to him and says if he recalls her more, he will be hurt. Rajat says I can’t believe she is gone. Sareen says its one year, if Anu was alive, we would have got her. Rajat says he still has hope that Anu will come, everything will be like before. Sareen says it won’t be like before. Sareen says he has to move on, Anu will be happy, come out, everyone is waiting. Rajat says you go, I will come.

Alka brings Devyaani in the hall. Shastri ji says she looks good and blesse her. Alka sees postman at the door. The man says there is letter for Alka Pandey. Alka reads the letter and gets shocked that its divorce papers sent by Rohan. She recalls his words. Shastri ji asks what is she doing here. Alka says she is waiting for guests. He says she did not grow up as she can’t lie. He asks about Rohan, and takes Anu’s name like usual. Alka cries hiding the papers and hugs him.

Anu wakes up recalling the deadly fall off the cliff. She is tied to a chair and tries to free herself. She sees the water pot kept far. She tries reaching it and falls down along the chair. She asks is anyone there and a man is shown going to her. He cleans his shoes and walks to her. Anu asks for help. Neil asks Minty did Rajat get happy. Minty says yes, there should be no compromise for happiness this time. Neil brings sweets and goes to give it to pandit.

The man opens a cupboard and gets inside it to reach Anu’s room. He holds Anu and asks is she fine. He shuts the door and asks how did she fall like this. He asks is she feeling good if he caresses her. Anu opens her eyes and gets shocked seeing him. Anu says please leave me. The man says he does not like this, he loves her a lot, he does not understand why did she do this with him, don’t say this. Anu says I m not joking, I want to go home. He shouts and says I dislike this one thing about you, I love you a lot, we are made for each other, no one would have loved anyone like this, I love you. Anu cries. He says he is scared that she will leave him. He says if she loves anyone, then he will not leave him. He asks her to smile and hurts her hands. Anu cries and smile.

He sits and asks her to say I love you to him. Anu signs no. He insists and shows his madness by hurting her. He makes her say I love you and says it was so simple, you are my beautiful angel. He smiles seeing her.

Devyaani is shown getting engaged. Minty asks where is the groom. Neil and Rajat walk in. Neil, Rajat, Devyaani and Sareens smile. Rajat goes to Devyaani and holds her hand, making her wear the ring. Everyone clap.

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