Swaragini 10th July 2015 Written Episode

Swara promises Dadi that she will not do anything wrong. Sujata calls Annapurna and asks about Swara. Annapurna says she is getting ready. Sujata provokes her against Swara. Ragini comes to Swara and is angry with her. Swara tries to talk to her. Ragini says she came to help her as Dadi asked her to do that. Swara thinks what has happened to Ragini suddenly. Ragini comes again to Swara’s room. Swara apologizes. Ragini pretends to be caring for her and says she was worried as she was away. Swara tells her that Laksh was with her, and they went to enquire about the waiter. She says that waiter didn’t belong to that hotel. Ragini hears that and is shocked. She asks her to go and inform Laksh instead. She rushes to call Sanskar and informs him. Sanskar asks him not to worry and calm down. Ragini says she is worried. Sanskar says they will never get anything in her hand. He asks her to hear the engagement planning, and says the more they get closer the more they will get hurt when I attack them with my plan. Ragini says then I will take care of Laksh with my love ( Evil Ragini…….just back off).

Swara gets ready and Sumi brings her outside. Pandit ji also comes. She touches everyone’s feet and takes blessings. Laksh also comes there. Durga Prasad announces that Pandit ji told that today is very auspicious, so I called Laksh here for the engagement. Swara is shocked and asks today. Sumi says we are not yet ready with the arrangement. Dadi says we shall get them engaged as soon as possible and goes to make arrangements. Ragini recalls her engagement with Laksh. Parineeta takes Laksh and Swara’s pic, and asks them to smile. They look at each other. Ragini is in tears. Pandit ji does their tilak while reciting mantras. Laksh sees Swara tensed. She says I wish I could have made everything right and looks at Ragini. Dadi asks swara to make Laksh wear the ring. Swara says okay and makes Laksh wear the ring. Ragini gets teary eyed. Laksh thinks about the recording which Ragini showed him. Paridhi asks them to smile. Sumi and Dadi see Ragini crying, and go to console her. Swara looks at Ragini’s displeasure. Pandit ji asks Laksh to make Swara wear the ring. The ring falls down from Swara’s hand. Everyone is shocked. Sumi asks how can she be so careless. Durga Prasad asks her not to worry and they will search the ring. Everyone search for the ring.

Ragini happens to see ring and gets it. She recalls her own engagement and hides the ring. Pandit ji tells that mahurat is ending. Annapurna says we shall get the engagement done some other day. Dadi says it is not like that, and gives her ring asking Sumi to give it to Laksh. Laksh makes Swara wear that ring. Everyone claps. Jealous, evil, worst Ragini is in tears. Pandit ji takes out their marriage mahurat and says it is for next week. Everyone get surprised. Annapurna says next week. Durga Prasad asks Pandit ji to check other mahurat. Pandit ji says next mahurat is after 6 months. Annapurna says how we will do all the arrangements within a week. Durga Prasad asks shekhar, how he will do the arrangements. Ragini says this marriage can’t happen so early. Dadi tries to stop her. Ragini says she wants to spend more time with swara. Dadi says this marriage will happen next week only and says she will get all the arrangements done. Durga Prasad agrees. Parineeta informs Sujata that the mahurat is within a week. Sujata is shocked and informs Sanskar. Sanskar gets angry and says he has to do so much. He thinks Swara’s destiny is good. Swara talks to Pandit ji and thanks him for taking out early mahurat. Pandit ji says I agreed as your intentions are good. Swara is shocked to see Ragini hearing them.

Ragini tells Swara that she will find out the person behind the conspiracies against her. Later she mixes drugs in Swara’s food. Sumi makes Swara eat it. Sanskar comes indisguise of a gujrati and enter Swara’s room when she gets unconscious.

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