Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the court case going on. Yuvraaj says he did not kill Radhe, Radhe jumped, he did not push him from terrace. The lawyer asks judge to punish Yuvraaj strictly. Suhani worries. Rohan says he has nothing to say. The judge is about to give the punishment to Yuvraaj. Suhani stops him. She cries and begs Krishna to say the truth, that Yuvraaj did not kill Radhe, he is innocent. The judge asks her to sit. Suhani says we both know Yuvraaj did not kill Radhe. Krishna asks how did he die. She says you know very well that Radhe is alive. They all are shocked.

The judge says order… Suhani tells him that she is saying right, Yuvraaj is innocent. Krishna says she is making fake stories, they proved me thief when I did not steal. She says I agree. He says she is changing her words, the truth is Yuvraaj killed Radhe, he will be punished, Radhe can’t get back alive. Radhe comes there and says if I did not die, how will be become alive then. They all turn and get shocked seeing Radhe. Suhani and Yuvraaj get glad to see him.

The judge asks who is he. Radhe says he is Radhe, he has slipped and fell in pool, he knew swimming and he got saved, it was his plan to take revenge from Suhani, yesterday Suhani called and did not give me to police, I thought she is big fool, when she explained me, I understood, and I came here, I admit my mistake, but I was used, I did not know my family would come in risk. Rohan asks Radhe did he come here by Suhani’s words. Radhe says yes. Rohan says so Radhe is here and this murder case is not valid, free Yuvraaj from this blame. The judge says Krishna has filed fake case to frame Yuvraaj, Radhe is alive and Yuvraaj is innocent, Krishna will go through a defamation case. Suhani says no, we don’t want to file any case against him. Sharad asks how can she leave him. She says no, I don’t want to, and tells judge to let Krishna go. Krishna looks on. Soumya smiles.

Radhe tells Rakhi that he has come for her, now I have to see what will Krishna do. Suhani thanks Yuvraaj to trusting her. He says thanks for making me trust. They smile. She says shall we go home. Sharad says come, and they all go home. Dadi welcomes Yuvraaj by doing his tilak and aarti. She blesses and hugs him.

She says I knew you will come back, nothing can happen to you. He says all this has happened by Suhani’s trust. Rohan says yes, Dadi called me but she had mother india Suhani. Dadi asks Menka to shut the door. Menka goes to close the door and Krishna stops her. Krishna comes back with his entire family. He says he has come to take his luggage, he will go. Yuvraaj stops him. Krishna says I did not come to argue. Soumya asks Krishna to leave it. Dadi scolds Krishna and asks him to get lost. Krishna asks Dadi to shut her mouth. Yuvraaj holds his collar and asks him to shut up, she is my Dadi. Rohan says you just came home, how long will I free you from court. Krishna and Yuvraaj argue.

Suhani asks Yuvraaj to stop it. Dadi scolds Suhani. Krishna asks Yuvraaj to read it, it has written that I can stay till I want, no one can send me out. Yuvraaj checks the papers, Rohan and Suhani also see it. Yuvraaj throws the papers. Krishna asks what about the blame on me. Yuvraaj says you did theft. Suhani says no, he did not do the theft, Rohan and I found out. Yuvraaj says then maybe he made someone else do theft. Krishna says I was also framed. Yuvraaj says who framed him. Krishna says Suhani, she did complaint against me.

Suhani says what, I did not do anything, I was not here when this happened. Yuvraaj says we both were at farmhouse, how can you be mistaken. Krishna says I have seen her signs in FIR, maybe she sent someone by hiring. Menka says what, I did good acting like Dadi said. Dadi is tensed. They all get angry on Dadi. Menka says Dadi has framed Krishna. She says I said everything. Yuvraaj asks what nonsense. Dadi asks Menka why is she lying. Menka says she is saying true. Soumya says it means Dadi did all this.

Soumya says you framed Krishna, and convinced me that Suhani did complaint, when Menka did complaint. She cries and says you bailed out Krishna and made me sure that Krishna is tortured and I should take revenge from Suhani, I agreed to you and came here, as you wanted to kick out Suhani. Yuvraaj is shocked and looks at Dadi. Dadi lies and says no one will believe Soumya. Soumya asks how is she. Menka says even I m thinking this since years, what person is Dadi. Radhe says Dadi gave me money to put money in Krishna’s room. Rakhi nods. Krishna is shocked.

Rohan says then Radhe is the thief, I have seen in CCTV. Radhe says good job, you are smart, I was that one. Krishna gets sad. Yuvraaj says no, this can’t happen. Soumya says sorry Yuvraaj, I know its tough to believe, but this is truth. He says enough, Dadi did not do this. He asks Suhani why is she crying, Dadi did not do this. He asks Dadi to say she did not do this, they are lying. Dadi worries. He asks her to tell them. Yuvraaj makes her swear on him and asks her the truth, tell them they are lying. Dadi gets silent. He says tell them.

Suhani asks Dadi to say, she can’t break Yuvraaj’s truth. Dadi worries and does not swear. Yuvraaj gets teary eyed and gets away from her. He cries and turns away. Suhani asks Dadi how can she do this. Dadi says I agree I did mistake, all this happened because of Soumya, she has cheated me. Suhani asks what cheat, you have risked so many lives. Dadi says I don’t need to answer you. Suhani says you will answer Yuvraaj, you have to. They look at Yuvraaj and cry.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani how can she do this. Dadi says I did this for home, I did not know I will become bad. She cries and folds hands to him.

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