Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th July 2015 Written Episode

Kokila yells at Pari for scolding Meera and leaves. Pari thinks she scolds only her. She then goes to Rashi’s room with juice and sees her watching cartoon instead of getting ready for school. She asks why did not she get ready. Rashi gives weird answer and she leaves.

Urmila acts as getting severe itching and asks Kinjal to apply apply kerosene on her skin. Kinjal brings kerosene can. Urmila throws some kerosene on herself and runs out shouting bachao bachao…. She gathers her chawl tenants and alleges that Kinjal is trying to burn her. Tenants start scolding Kinjal. Kinjal asks why would she try to kill her. Urmila says she complained of itching, so she thought it is better to kill her to get rid of her complaints. Kinjal starts shouting at her. Tenants warn her not to scold her saas, else they will get her arrested via police.

Gopi goes to Rashi’s room with fruits, but does not find her. Ahem comes there and she says Rashi did not have anything since morning, so she thought of feeding her at least fruit. Ahem says not to worry, she will come and have food.

Tenants call police. Urmila says she will get her arrested. Kinjal asks tenants to leave as it is their family issue. Police comes and asks who is Urmila ben. Urmila shouts she is. Inspector asks who is her bahu who tried to burn her. She points at kinjal. Inspector asks if she has proof. Urmila says she can check her body and house. Kinjal says she will hire a lawyer to prove she is innocent. Dhaval comes with Pappu and says she always troubled fai/Urmila, but she crossed her limits today. Pappu asks how can she think of killing daadi. Inspector says he has evidence of kerosene on Urmila’s body, it is enough to arrest her. Constable starts beating her and try to take her away from there. Urmila stops inspector and requests him to free Kinjal as she forgives her. She asks kinjal to apologize and she angrily does. Inspector warns kinjal not to trouble her saas again, else he will arrest her. At home Kinjal asks Urmila how can she do that. Urmila says she had to to conrol her. Kinjal angrily walks to her room. Dhaval says she did right by punishing kinjal, but how did police arrest Kinjal without any proof. Urmila says hired actors to act. Dhaval says Kokila is right, she is kalakari queen.

Pari tells Kokila that she does not know what utensils to get from storeroom and leaves. Kokila thinks she is still angry and don’t know how to console her. Someone enters store room and ties rope to make Gopi fall. Vidya sees door open and goes to check, but does not find anyone. She walks out. Kokila calls Meera to bring utensils from store room but does not find her. Door bell rings and Meethi opens door. Kokila sees driver standing and says he is Ghanshyam and has come to take utensils. She herself walks into store room and falls due to rope.

Precap: Kokila falls and calls Gopi for help. Utensils fall on her and then stand.

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