Tere Sheher Mein 11th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amaya talking to Mukherjee and saying Mantu never did this before. Mukherjee calls Mantu and Uma gives the phone to him. He says he won’t talk. She asks him to talk, he can lose job. He says so what, I can get any new job. She says he can go to office now. He asks what happened to her. She says its fine, he can go. He talks to Mukherjee and says he was stuck in work, he is coming. She gives him tiffin and he goes. She smiles and thinks if he can leave job for me, whats Amaya, he loves just me.

Rachita is introduced as new teacher by the manager, and he asks the student not to sleep, its english speaking class. Rama looks on. achita asks the students to introduce themselves to her. They all clap. She says thanks, I just asked you to tell your name and the reason to learn English. Mrs. Dubey is also one of the learners and asks Rachita did se identify her. Rachita nods and smiles. Rachita says we will learn English in easy way and making it our language. Rama goes and takes admission to learn English. He smiles.

Mantu comes to office. Amaya greets him and asks why did he come late. He says I was stuck somewhere, I m going, I have much work. She thinks she challenged Uma, but how to know he loves me or not. She says I will let him finish the work first. Its evening, she thinks of him, did she did big mistake by taking the challenge. Mantu comes to her and says he is going saying bye. She stops him. She asks him to be with her, and makes him wait till she ends work. He agrees and asks her to finish it soon. She smiles thinking he loves her. Dheere dheere……….plays……. He says he is getting late. She says yes, its over, lets go. He asks her to wait outside, and brings his bike. She says thanks, I will go by rickshaw. He asks am I mad to wait till now, come. She goes with him.

Dheere dheere se dil ko churana……..plays………….. Rachita comes home and tells Sneha about her job. She asks Sneha not to keep fast. Amaya thinks to keep fast for her Mantu. Its morning, Sneha tells Rishi that she is hiding here because of girls, he would have laughed, girls asked her not to fast as she is diabetic, but she will fast for him and them. Amaya comes and thinks she did not break fast and makes excuses to Sneha to skip having food.

Amaya goes to temple and speaks her heart out to Lord. She says she has kept fast for Mantu, and prays that she unites with Mantu. She leaves and Uma comes in the temple. Uma prays that she gets Mantu and his love. Pushpa makes Dimple ready and says they are going in puja. Neeti says her friends are coming there. Dimple says its good they all can meet. Pushpa thinks of Mathurs. Dimple sends Neeti and says I understand what you are thinking, Sneha and her daughters will come. Pushpa says I m afraid, this time anything wrong should not happen.

Chiklu says Uma is fasting. Mantu says even he is fasting, and now he is going to office. Mantu says study is imp, it does not mean you will not have fun of play. He tells about Pro kabaddi matches, and they will see this time also, on star sports channel. Mantu comes to office and Amaya is about to eat. She asks how did get late. He says its Shravan puja, I m fasting. She realizes she kept the fast, and says how can I eat. He says you can eat, you are having breakfast infront of you. She says no, I don’t want you to feel hungry seeing me having food. He says no, I will work, you eat. She does not eat and leaves.

She sits to work. The peon gives her laddoos, as he has become Mama. She says congrats and stops herself from eating the laddoos. She thinks she will not get weak and complete the fast for Mantu.

Gajanand says he wants to be away from Mathurs. Rudra makes them Mathurs sit and tells his mum Kaushalya that if his plan works, it will be big drama.

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