Qubool Hai 1st July 2015 Written Episode

The handyman sings Jack and Jill seeing Sanam. Ahil asks him to stop singing and do his work. He takes out a gun and aim at Ahil and Shaad. Sanam runs and stands in front Ahil to protect him. The handyman fires a bullet in air. He then throws some smoke in house and leaves. No one is injured. Sanam says she said someone was going to come. Shaad says he didn’t come to kill anyone, just to scare. And tells her how she went to save Ahil. Sanam doesn’t understand why she did that and leaves from there.

Ahil asks Shaad so that was planned by him? Shaad says today it proved that Sanam’s true love is Ahil. She might not remember anything, but her heart has feelings for Ahil only. He will make her hear her heart. But he will need help in that. Ahil says he will help every way he can. The new bride hears it and gets shocked. She can’t believe how someone can be so good to sacrifice his love. She thinks what to do now. If Ahil gets his true love back, then her magic won’t work on him and that won’t be good for her. Ghazzala suggests her to use some other way now. The new bride now thinks to make Shaad feel that Sanam is happy with him only and create hatred towards Ahil in Sanam’s heart.

Shashi and Saif make their plan. Saif says they will surely succeed in that as Shashi never fails in anything. They hear Nazia coming there. Shashi asks how she got in the house. Saif says he gave keys to win her heart. Shashi asks him why doesn’t he tell her their plan as well? and tells Saif to go to her. Saif asks why? She has seen her. Shashi says she has seen her as mayor, not Shashi. She pushes Saif out of the room. Nazia asks where he was. She has been calling him since so long. He says he was sleeping. She asks this time? is everything okay with him? Shashi is changing her clothes and putting on her wig. By mistake she turns on vacuum cleaner and her wig gets destroyed. Saif tells Nazia it’s so hot there and tries to take her down. She says she wants to meet Appa. Saif pulls her and starts getting romantic. He says to meet her later.

Sanam is not feeling good and almost faints. Shaad saves her and puts her on the bed. The new bride gets happy seeing them closer. She leaves. Sanam apologizes Shaad for going to Ahil instead him earlier. She says she doesn’t know why she reacts like that sometimes. Shaad says it’s fine. She doesn’t need to give any clarification or say sorry to him. He trusts her more than himself. She saved Ahil. She did what her heart made her to do. And they can’t force heart to do something else. Sanam gets into thoughts. Shaad says he will get medicines for her. He leaves with heavy heart.

Shaad calls Ahil and informs him about Sanam’s condition. Ahil gets worried. Shaad says him to come home soon and look after her. Ahil asks how.. she doesn’t like him and if she asks about Shaad then what he will say? Shaad says tell her that he went for some work. Sanam gave her swear to him not to leave her alone. When she will find out, that he still went out, then she will feel very bad. Lower he goes in front her, better it will be for them. Ahil asks what’s the need for all this? But then says fine.

Sanam needs medicine/water. She calls Latif, Khala but no one comes. She gets up herself and goes outside. She struggles to walk. Shaad just watches and waits for Ahil. Ahil comes in finally, but the new bride does her magic on him and stops him from going to Sanam. Ahil stands as a statue. Sanam almost faints and is feeling dizzy. Shaad looks on. The new bride laughs.

Precap: Ahil is making soup for Sanam. The new bride adds masalas or something in it with her magic. Ahil hopes Sanam likes it. He takes it to her and is about to feed her.

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