Doli Armaanon Ki 26th June 2015 Written Episode

Damini doesn’t listen to anyone and grabs Urmi’s hand to throw her out of the house. Anirudh finally shows his power and tells Damini it’s his order that Urmi won’t go anywhere. This house was hers and will always be. She’s Ishaan’s wife and how she can forget that she’s pregnant with their grandchild. She still doesn’t listen. He warns her to leave her else he might raise his hand at her. He separates Damini’s hand from Urmi’s. Damini leaves. Everyone is happy. Anirudh tells Urmi that as long as he’s there nothing will happen to her. She gets emotional and hugs him.

Later in their room, Anirudh asks Damini what’s wrong with her. Doesn’t she see Urmi’s sorrow? She asks he can only see Urmi’s sorrow, but what about her grief? She has lost her only son. He says Ishaan was his son as well, Urmi’s husband, Tani’s only brother. They all are equally sad about it. Tani comes in and tells Damini it’s not Urmi’s fault..whatever wrong happened, it was because of her. Had she not married Samrat, then nothing like this would have happened. If she wants to give any punishment, then she deserves it, not Urmi. Anirudh tells her whatever had to happen has happened now. It’s a difficult time and they all have to overcome with it together. Tani tells Damini not to keep anything against Urmi in her mind and punish her if she wants. Damini asks her so she will leave her as well like Ishaan did? Tani hugs her. Damini still blames Urmi for Ishaan’s death in her mind and decides to keep Urmi’s child away from her as well.

Next morning, all are in the hall while Urmi is near Ishaan’s photo. Anirudh notices it and asks her to make coffee for him. Just then he opens the newspaper and is shocked. Urmi and others read one after one and they are also shocked. Tani asks them what’s in the news. Why they all are shocked. No one tells her anything. She grabs the newspaper and reads it herself that Samrat Singh Rathore committed suicide. She’s also shocked. Shashi comes there and says it had to happen. How would he be able to survive with all that guilt. He just took too much time to realize that.

Tani is alone now. She recalls good time that she had with Samrat, his confession, and cries.

20 years later (or end of the show for those who do not wish to continue post-leap)

New Urmi comes to Ishaan’s photo and talks with him that he left her 20 years ago and she had his memories only. She knows he liked to see her moving on and that is what she did. She moved on with his memories and their children, Shaurya and Ishaani. He wanted Ishaani to be just like Urmi and she’s very much like her. Only in one thing, she has gone on Ishaan which is his stubbornness. She’s also very stubborn. Once she decides to do anything, she makes sure she does it. In spite of saying no, she went to Lonawala because she wanted to go. And Shaurya..he has become a successful person like Ishaan. He’s winning an award for some newspaper and that’s where Urmi got ready to go now.

At the award function, Shaurya’s newspaper is declared to receive an award. Shaurya, being the owner, goes on the stage to receive it. All family members cheer for him and his face is shown.

Precap: Shaurya is annoyed with a female reporter. He tells Urmi that he told her not to cover some story, but she still did. Urmi asks is that because she’s a girl? He says she covers every story like it’s her last story. Does anyone work like that? She will create such a mess that he will get tired fixing it.

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