Doli Armaanon Ki 15th June 2015 Written Episode

Damini tells Sashi to stop with her foolish acts.

Ishaan and Urmi choose names for a baby girl.

Samrat goes to Gaurav’s house to kidnap Shaurya but finds no one there.

Urmi talks on the phone with her mother. Afterwards, she tells everyone that Shaurya has gone on vacation with Gaurav and Asha for 12 13 days.

Samrat overhears and decides he cannot wait that long. He plans to kill Urmi.

Samrat goes to Damini amd accuses her of not supporting him. He reminds her that she was with him in his plans to separate Ishaan and Urmi. He says that if he goes down he will bring her down with him. Samrat’s father in law overhears and confronts Damini after he leaves.

Ishaan and Urmi plan a party for Damini’s anniversary.

Samrat cuts out a wire of Urmi’s car’s brakes.

Precap: Samrat happily watches Urmi get in her car. Urmi tries the brakes to stop from hitting a bus but realizes they are not working. She cover her face with her arms…-

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