Doli Armaanon Ki 9th June 2015 Written Episode

Samrat accuses his mother of stealing the ring. Sashi feels bad.

Later Urmi tells Samrat that he didn’t even spare his own mother.

Later, Samrat tells Tani that his mother has always been a thief and that he is ashamed.
Tani tells her father to book a ticket for Sashi to go back to Jhansi.

Urmi makes a deal of her car and Samrat is shocked to see the car dealer who robs cars. He runs out thinking he will steal a car. The dealer tells everyone that Samrat tried selling Tani’s car but backed off at the last moment. Tani gets angry at Samrat but he fibs that he wanted to buy her a new car as a surprise but bacled off due to her emotional attachment.

Towards the end, Samrat decides to do something big to gain Tani’s trust.

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