Jamai Raja 9th July 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Krutika scolding the servant for not bringing breakfast and is about to slap him, but Simran comes and holds her hand. She asks her to apologize to kaka. Krutika refuses and calls him servant. Simran slaps her and apologizes to kaka. Beeji asks Simran to have patience. Simran says my eyes are opened now. I ruined my son and bahu’s life for protecting Krutika. I was blinded and made a mistake, although Raj tried to make me realize my mistake. Krutika says Roshni and DD deserve this, and DD had killed my husband. She says she will try to be away from her and family. Simran cries and tells Beeji that she couldn’t take care of Sid, Roshni and Krutika. Beeji consoles her and asks her to think about future. She asks her to make Krutika on the right path and to bring peace back in house.

Misha is in the hospital indisguise of a nurse and wears the mask. She is stopped by the security and he gave her gloves which were fallen from her pocket. The Inspector tells DD that they got earring of the killer, and tells that may be Shiv struggled to save himself, thus get hold of the earring. DD says it is good that we got proof against the killer.

Sam tells Yash that his kids are refusing to eat food and wanting omelette. She says she can’t handle them. Yash asks her to order it from outside. Sam asks him to handle the kids. Yash asks why you are creating a fuss if they want omelette. He says this is the difference between you and Roshni. Roshni risked her life for stranger. Sam says you still love Roshni, and asks him to call up Roshni as Sid cleared his way. Yash gets angry and raises his hand, but stops. He says you are insecure, and I can’t help it. He says Roshni is his friend and he will support her even if she like it or not.

Misha searches for the room in which Shiv’s body is kept. She finally sees Shiv’s body and thinks to take her earring and leave fast. Sid comes there and thanks the Doctor for giving them information. The Doctor asks who are you. Misha is seen standing there. The Dictor asks who are you? Sid looks at her and tries to identify her, as she has hospital mask on her face. DD and the Inspector reach there. DD scolds Sid for coming there and asks him to stay away from them. She asks Inspector, why Sid is standing here and with which right. Sid reminds her that it is a morgue and tells her that he came for his friend. He can’t be at peace until he catches his killer, and says nobody can stop me. Roshni asks them not to make drama. Misha silently walks away with the earring. The Inspector asks Doctor to give the earring. Doctor says it was here only. Sid asks where is that lady doctor. Doctor says she has just left. Sid says she is the killer, if that earring is with her.

Sid runs to find the killer, but Misha hides. Sid tries to look for the killer. Misha hides again, while Sid continues to follow her. He finds someone standing there and mistaken her to be the killer. He sees her face and says sorry. Misha continues to hide from Sid’s eye sight. Sid closes the door and asks her to come infront of him, says it is enough of hide and seek game. Misha is still hiding. Sid looks at her from behind.

Yash tells DD to check her phone for messages. DD and everyone hear Shiv’s message that they have to save Roshni’s marriage from mad girl Misha. Then they hear goons attacking Shiv.

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